Just an observation

I want to sat\y this well they way i feel, i DO NOT want anyone to feel sorry or anything like that.

Basically i reaaly dont have much to offer this site, its beyond my abilty and frankly im out of the game. So i will say good bye to all of those who have been there for me. I will be deleting my account in the next few day my wife just woke up and i want to spend time with her. God bless everyone here and good luck to every here. I have realized reality. Just trying to be honest with everyone here. Wish eveeryone here all the best!

I think you are grossly under estimating your value Kevin.

I wish you the best Brother.

[quote="-Axiom-"]I think you are grossly under estimating your value Kevin.

I wish you the best Brother.[/quote]

I agree.
Don’t be dramatic. We are happy to have you here, as are many others you’ve given advice to I’m sure.


Sounds drastic. Why delete your account?

I wish you the best.

I would mirror the other guys in saying that your comments and information have been very valuable. Hope you stay with us.

ya, you talked me outta eating the barrell of my glock in jan,feb, or march of 2009. if your gettin outta roofin i understand that, but i doubt it. us roofas have a defective gene or lack a chromasone or something. if your gettin outta roofin i wish you the best of luck, & its been a pleasure bloggin w/ ya the past couple of years.

Your advice is APPRECIATED!!did i say it loud enough,…I said APPRECIATED!!!..%between%http://www.easyfreesmileys.com/smileys/free-happy-smileys-864.gif..APPRECIATED!!

BE WELL!!! gtp…

You will be missed and in my mind, are always welcome.



and I doubt you never come back. Its only a matter of time.

I’ve always tried to figure out why someone would feel the need to announce their departure from a website? If you’re unhappy with the website, seems like you’d simply no longer post there.

just sayin’


LoL @ Agape.

I normally save my posts like that for a different, much more ‘sarcastic’ forum.


just sayin’


LMAO! Thanks for the laughs!

What happened to the “Kick some azz attitude”?

GTP - short history of my view of you.

– Who is this jerk?
– Who does he think he is?
– Okay well that makes sense.
– Did he do that or is he making that up?
– I wish I would have done that.
– Last answer from GTP, I’ll have to read that.
– Man this guys shoots from the hip.
– This guy tells his truth right or wrong.

I have noticed a change in your tone. I think you are having a rough patch in life. I hope you change your mind. How else am I supposed to know what you mean by your wife just woke up. Please do tell, sounds interesting. (I am here because I find this site/people interesting. There is many different ways to spend my little chunks of free time and often it is here)

Ok here goes, my kick butt adittude is back. Yes im having a rough patch but thats the way it is. i started here to help roofers and homeowners just like all of you. The site has changed alot since i have been here. As for the negitive comments please if you want to bash me go ahead. It phases me not at all. As far as staying here i have my reasons. For somebody to say crap about me that has been here for such a short time well that just proves alot to me.

I gots to admit, his sales literature is pretty danged good. :slight_smile:

Of course, he’d smile, or laugh if explained the sale I made 2 hours ago.