Just finished my new site

I still have more videos to get on there, but check it out and tell me what you think. shinglecut.com


Videos wouldn’t play for me.


Won’t load for me either.

I suggest you create a YouTube account & upload them there… no problems getting that site to load 99% of the time.

Is there a “roofing.com” discount? I want one based on the photos alone.

shopping cart page

Incorporated ( or just Inc.)

You could even lose the Inc.

Keep everything uniform

One page says “Roller Cut Inc.” and another says “RollerCut Incorporated”

You want to go to page properties and change the page title (what shows up at the top of the internet explorer window). It should be your company name and maybe a brief discription.

For Example:
RollerCut Inc. - Shingle cutting made easy

That’s what shows up if your in a websearch and you don’t want it just saying “Home Page” it looks super amatuer.

Hey there. Neat idea. I’m wondering if it works on rubber shingles though…the GEM Enviroshake products in particular. Also, you can take a look at my website too for any design ideas it may help you with. www.calgary-roofing.com