Just out of curiosity

i was just wondering what size companies you guys represent or own. i mean net sales wise. we will finish at 1.1 million this year. and we have set a goal (probably unreachable) of 2 million for next year. you dont have to answer if you dont want…i was just wondering.

No clue. I’m a one man band in all areas but full re-roofing projects & some larger repair jobs. Right now, my biggest limitation is our two little kids (both under 2½ years old) & working with my wife’s schedule situation (she’s a paramedic & sells Avon from home / part time).

I know last year my boss bought almost a million in supplies. I think we have around 350 roofs this year under our belts. SO over 1 mill for sure.

16.5 mil…120 employees

but thats gotta be commercial right?

I am still eating steak and not hamburger so we must be doing something right

yes, 65% new const.

i am striclty residential remodeling in a small market.

Large market i guess no new con just tearoffs.