Just Started Installing the GAF Energy Timberline Solar Roofing. Thoughts?

GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar Roof Shingle: GAF Energy Timberline Solar

Eliminate Lag Bolts
Eliminate Wind Uplift
Eliminate Rodents and Bird Activity
Easier Maintenance
Easier Installation
—“But Is This A Game Changer??”—“What Wins/Fails Should We Foresee?”

Very interesting!
And promising!

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If the letters g, a and f are associated I will decline to take part. Sorry but someone has to protect their uneducated customers from the latest GAF scam. If you disagree please tell me how 19 year shingles will actually have a 50 YEAR WARRANTY!!

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I agree it is criminal that GAF is sending out contractors everywhere giving them
Confidence that their shingles will last the customers life-time or 50 years.
Or more importantly, that their customers will not have to pay for their roof again,
When in reality, that is not the case at all.

From what I understand, all shingle manufacturers now give “Lifetime” warranty on Architectural and Specialty shingles. I’ve worked with GAF for over 25 years and had 7 warranty claims and all were paid with no issues. Most of the time “lifetime” means 50 years non pro-rated for 50 years. This is only on residential, individual owned single family homes. Everything else is 40 years with proration starting at 20 years. Everything else means corporations, condo and homeowners associations, schools, apartment buildings or multi-use or multi family. This is with the GAF System Plus Warranty, which I provide with all of my contracts and its not optional. You are allowed one transfer within 20 year period. Knowing how people function they don’t transfer the warranty within the 60 days of purchase from the original owner and after 20 years, even if transfer was completed properly, you only get 2 years coverage on materials only. I am pretty sure GAF has this all figured out and the amount of claims for material defects on residential, single family homes is small and they have enough in the Warranty Bank Account to cover it as its mandatory. My point, yes you are selling a 50 year roof but in reality its much different. I wish more roofers spent time explaining this to homeowners and especially everything else that drops to 40 years with proration.

I just tell my potential customers that 50 yr warranties for asphalt shingles is complete bullshit and to realistically expect 20-25 yrs.

Seems to work.


Thank you Axiom. Our stance is exactly the same. If someone even tries to sell a “50 yr” warranty to a customer for an, at very most, 25 year shingle they are a con artist/liar. It DOES NOT MATTER that the company extends that garbage warranty. As contractors our first responsibility should be to protect consumers who don’t know better, (many of these are older widows) and to give the honest truth. I don’t sugarcoat things, sorry. Anyone who’s been in the trade you know damn well those are basically 20 year shingles. I think many of the salesmen who push these disgusting 50 year warranties have never run a hook blade through the product they are selling. I am ready for an argument stating ANY shingle will last 50 years. Anyone??

I think a Grand Manor or Carriage house will last 50 yrs from a performance standpoint but they will likely look bad.

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Totally works! and then in 20 years they understand their roof is old and it needs to be replaced by me again on their dime.