Kinked panel on steel roofing

My husband has a roofing company, we are in a small town there are not alot of contractors that install metal roofing. My husband was almost completed with a job and he stepped on a metal panel and kinked it. Homeowner wanted him to put on an apron piece. My husband explained it wouldn’t leak due to small kink and the apron piece would allow water and debris to eventually get under it. The homeowner refused to pay us for labor. Was an apron piece the correct answer or not?

The person that damaged the panel should replace it. No one wants a new damaged roof.

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Well now that is just plain evil. Editing in a spam link in a quote from another user. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch, Sarah-89435

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What a nightmare!
This is why i charge High for metal roofs.
Almost every time they take the shingle option instead

No deals whatsover on metal roofs.
I make sure they pay considerably more for it.
Because it is too easy to make a mistake with metal
And can cost you a lot of time and money to correct it.

I love em when they are done but i hate installing them.
I always get cut and am stressed out the whole time.
But i know my standing seam work will last that customers lifetime and probably their childs.