Knocking Doors

I have never done it before and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on the best approach. I dont wont to rely on leads anymore and would like to start generating my own.

Hi Ace, It’s confuses me that you would sooner want to knock on doors than have leads, but to each his own.

In my experience, I would recommend putting together some door knockers. Have some flyers printed up with your company name and specialty printed on them, punch out a hole at the top and start hanging them on doors where the home-owners are not home.

If someone does answer the door, introduce yourself politely and let them know that you are working in the area. Normally you will know within the first few seconds if the prospect is intrigued. Ask some qualifying questions. Have you put any thought into your roof? Have you had anyone look at your roof recently? just remember, even though you are giving free estimates, someone is still paying for your time, and typically that would be you. So keep that in mind the next time you spend 3 hours with joe tire-kicker.

Ultimately what you want to achieve is a quote on the job. Regardless of weather they go with you or not, they will have a something physical to look at in addition to the flyer.

Hope this helps!

Thanks BC
I would love to have stacks of leads all the time but we know that wont happen. I would like to start trainning myself to generate sales in other ways. If I can get good at this it really could make a difference to my bottom line. I have only been in roofing for about 6 years and I mostly have been in distribution or production so I am looking to pick up sales tips.

Ace, are you working storm damage areas? There are a ton of options to generate leads other than door knocking. If you are working storms a map of the storm area is critical. You can contact me off this list to discuss.

what i have my guys do, is have them work a neighborhood on the weekends, setting appointments. Tell the homeowner that “our company has inspectors in the area all next week, giving free roof inspections” and ask them if they would like to set up an appointment for sometime next week for someone to assess their roof for them, at of course, no charge, and no obligation.

knock on saturdays, and sundays, when most people are home, making as many appointments as you can for the following week.

then when you show up for their inspection, if they say “i thought an inspector was coming out” just tell them that you are the inspector, and you were just helping the other crew out knocking doors with them.

I also like to have a guy or two with a nice truck with signage all over it, cruise the neighborhood several times before knocking. looking for older roofs, looking for damaged shingles. i have them eat lunch in the truck, sitting on a corner of the neighborhood. make the company presence in the neighborhood well known. have other guys within the company drive around in the neighborhood.

when they see you pull up at their house, they will feel more confident in you, because you have been “working in the neighborhood” without you even having to tell them.

Last summer I canvassed myself w/business cards,and knocked doors to introduce myself. I said "Good day my name is — from ---- and I just wanted to drop a card ,so when you are considering a new roof (in the future)you keep me in mind,and have a good day!
At that point they ask me to give a quote…
I found that the word future takes all the pressure off and they feel at ease.
I sold 4 out of 5 with this approach…That was in a good economy and at a competitive price.
This year I had little luck with that ,and had a hard time to sell 1 out of 4 with the costs of materials so high you can’t offer a great deal to an on the spot sales call…
My area has been hammered so bad with new roofs done that there are only 1 out of 15 that are in need…and 1 out of 50 that have the coin to do it,lol…
Good luck to all! This is an ugly time to be relying on people to have coin…

Home Owner’s Perspective
I wrote the post which might help with leads, or as follow up to door hangers.

**As to knocking doors, here’s my take, as a joe homeowner. **
I might call you if I found something on my door that was proactive (a professional seeing that my roof needs work). I like that idea, but the chances of me calling you go up greatly if you:

Don’t: pull into my driveway. Once you cross the line that divides my property from public property, you’d better either: be invited, have a pizza or tell me my house is on fire, otherwise I’ll think: a. oh, boy a sales person, arrrgg. b. who that hell is this? why are they pulling into my driveway, arrrggg.

Do: Park on the road and walk up to my front door and hang the hanger, and walk away.

Don’t: ring my doorbell. I’m busy, with something. Maybe I’m doing nothing, but I rather do that than get on to your time schedule and start talking roofs.

Do: If I happen to be there and open the door to meet you. Just say, “sorry didn’t mean to bother you, just wanted to leave this with you, everything you need to know is on there and on my website, again, sorry to bother you, have a nice day”. If it goes further great, but only if you have a live one, and not a tire kicker that’s going to waste your afternoon.

As a home owner, I’d do that just to get your free input, even if I wasn’t going to get a roof soon. Hey you entered my property and my time, now I’m going to make the most of it. You offered. So I’d recommend that you walk up quietly, hang it and walk away as fast as you can! No running! But if you could I would. lol

Don’t: leave me a generic “joe-roofer advertisement” door hanger. If you do I feel that you just hung these on everyone’s doors. Not too bad, but could be better.

**Do: ** Do make it personal and conversational. How? 1. Have the top part printed with a opening, something like.

"Joe Roofers were in your area today and left this courtesy note, as you might be interested in improvements to your roof. We do this of course to find new jobs but also because we are truly passionate about roofs and roofing.

We noticed the following issues with your roof, that you might want to address, to make it the best it can be.

Please call us if you have any questions about the findings below, or would like a free quote. You can also visit our website to see further explanations of the findings noted below.

Please note that our findings are not comprehensive, as we only do a visual inspection of your roof based on what we can see from the road view of your house, as your privacy is important to us. (this lets me know that you weren’t all over my property). Thanks for your time–Joe Roofer"

Okay, so that’s printed on the top. I’m picturing the rest of the door hanger to be your findings for my roof. Perhaps there are columns with headers like:

“Findings” “Needs Attention”

Write in quick “Findings”.

  1. Curled shingles due to aging and sun damage…
  2. Flashing…
  3. Algae, this is cosmetic only and not a concern to the integrity of your roofing system.
  4. Missing chimney cap
  5. Soffits and ventilation looks good
  6. Drip edge, mostly sound

Check off boxes under “Needs Attention” (right hand column)
Perhaps boxes for “Now”, “Within the year, 2 yrs, 5 yrs” “cosmetic only”.

Be sure to list findings that look good too. That way I know it’s an honest evaluation and not just “here’s all the stuff we are going to bill you for”.

Lucky for you all, the 10 month old is up now and I’m giving him a bottle, so I can’t type more, but that’s about it. Don’t make it like a parking ticket or speeding ticket (don’t make it dire or as though I’ve done something wrong or neglectful. Don’t scold me for my roof, help me.

Over and out–Peter

If you email me i have a canvassing/sales book i can email you to help you out.

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