Kool look

go to rooferscoffeeshop.com. click on photo of the month. go to archives and check out august 2008 called fancy face lift. great looking, something you don’t see everyday



the eyebrows are not shingled right. courses are supposed to sweep over it, not a closed vally.



thanks for posting pic. computer dummy

what is that?

looks to be cedar,hence why there closed valleys.

cedar shingles were installed with a double shadow course every seven courses and diamond cut shingles every seven courses.
detail cuts at valleys and ridges with brown tin shingles underneath to do closed valleys and ridges

Is that your work Nailer? Looks pretty costly for the house it’s on.

hey slave, not my work. ran across it on another site and just thought it looked unique. i believe the roofer owned the house, so no labor cost.

It looks a lot beeter when they sweep the shingles over the eyebrow as a rounded vally. Sometimes you cant though if the framers screwed up. framing an eyebrow right is tricker than a conical turret. Those ridges on top of the eyebrows are terrible if you have ever seen one done right.