Labor charge - fair?


I recently rec’d a quote for labor only (I have bought all materials myself) and need to know if this is a fair price!

I have 15 square in need of a tear off and re roof (one layer only to tear off). I do not know the pitch but my roof is not very steep and is easily walkable (2 story). The quote is $50 per square for the tearoff and $50 per square for the reroof (includes install of 50 yr arch shingle - new felt - ice guard - drip edge and possible replacing 3-4 boards. $1500 for labor or 15 square!

The quote is from a family friend who does work on the side (I am sure he is not insured). I am confident that his work is very good as he is meticulous in his workmanship. It would be him and another worker who also does qualilty work!

Thoughts on this price?


You hired someone with no insurance and is paying no taxes. So the price seems very high.

You already made up your mind.

You are asking us for advice on how to put ourselves out of business.

If you live in Michigan, you can have him do the work and you don’t have to pay him because hes not licensed!!!

that would be a good price.

Sounds like hes taking you to the cleaners to me!

I will to agree that it is a little high. As far as unlicensed and un insured. Well your asking for trouble. If he does not do this for a living you may find this to be more trouble than it is worht. I can send you 100’s of photos of jack of all trade roofs that i have torn off over the years. Would you like to see there work??? To be honest you should have hired a professional rather than some friend. Cutting corners now will prove costly in the long run. Come on a whole new roof from a pro should have cost you around 4500 to 5 grand and thats cheap.

Thks for the responses!

I have not hired the family friend yet so I will rethink this!

I rec’d 3 quotes from licensed roofers and this seemed to be saving me money - I would not do it if I wasn’t confident with his work!

I will look at some more quotes from professionals!

Will a professional licensed roofer charge me just labor as I have already bought the materials! I am sure that the materials get marked up which is fine - you have to make money!


A hundred a square is high? Are you guys out of your minds?

For an unlicensed and uninsured company yes it is.

nothin like cheap labor.

I’m w/ Lefty on this. I wouldn’t take time out of day to answer his question. Why answer it here?

BTW- my Bro-in-law (not the drunk) is one of the best mechanic type jack of all trades I have ever known. And he doesn’t brag.
But I have seen his attempt at roofing. Worse, much worse than terrible.