I am a roofing contractor and I am looking for a safe, light weight, compact ladder that will reach the 2nd story of most houses. I drive a Ford Fusion and need it to be able to fit in the trunk or back seat of my car. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Christi Gillespie aka “Mrs. Roof”

Well Mrs.Roof I would suggest you get that Fusion equipped with a ladder rack (Van style) cuz I don’t know of a 24’ fold up that would fit in the backseat of a car.

Might wanna invest in a truck or van.Being a roofing contractor requires an occasional trip to the lumber yard or supplier for shingles and supplies.Also at some point in a roofing contractors career ya might need to haul something other than a ladder.But I might be wrong.

I’ve strapped 16’,20’,24’,28’ and a 32’ ladder on top of a Chevy Berretta when I started subbing and 15 sheets of 3/8" CDX loaded down with tools and other things,broke that car down and rented several cars from Enterprise and did the same thing to those too.

So after I was banned from a couple rental car agencies and paying out of pocket for interior cleaning and recarpeting from hauling my gas compressor in the back seats and paying for scraps and dents I found it a great investment to purchase a truck.

You need a truck or van.Just sayin

You want safe and solid, buy a Werner 28’ Black Tip. Solid as a staircase.

Thats some funny shit, nothing looks more professional than a car with a ladder strapped to it lol

I just have 4 step ladder from keller ladders and can extended to 26 ft. If you have a space for 8ft. Capacity 30 lb. You can try this ladder. It’s some similar like litle giant you can find it at menards, I hope that help you, but fiberglass extetion ladder is more secure.