Landmark Pro Quote

Received a quote for CT Landmark Pro which includes a heavy weight synthetic underlayment + the Cedar Crest ridge and hip shingles with their ridge vent. Total cost is $17,422. This is in comparison to Timberline Ultra HD with the standard feltbuster underlayment and Timbertex hip and ridge shingles for $21,900, for a difference of $4,478. Another difference is a 5 year leak warranty with the CT vs. 10 year leak warranty with the GAF roofer.

I’d already learned from this site to stay away from GAF products and should add that the quote was received prior to my learning this. (Quote is a year old but still good per the roofer). However, to clarify, the general consensus is that Landmark Pro is good to go?


Landmark Pro is a better single in my opinion but that price difference makes no sense to me. Should be no more than $5 per square material cost difference.


It’s quite a price difference. The only other differences that I know of are the GAF roofer hand nails and they also install squirrelgards (that’s how it’s spelled) over the lead jacks. Then again, there’s the 5 year difference in leak warranty. I don’t think the cost difference is worth that though.

The Ultra HD cost a lot more than the pro in my area.
About 35 a sq more.
Those timbertex caps are real expensive too
And dont go as far.
Also its a lot more work.
4 bundles per sq
They are much heavier too
And nearly impossible to cut.
You Really need sheers to cut these shingles.
I can do it with my hook blade but i need to cut it multiple times.
It takes a lot more time to install the ultra HD.
I admit it is a beautiful, thick roof.
Each shingle is so thick, they have their own
But the the mechanics of the shingle is sorely lacking. The double thickness of the shingle,
The nailing area is insufficient.
Its easy for a roofer to cause leaks because of improper nailing with this shingle.

The better shingle is the pro.
It is easier for the roofer to install correctly.
And the shingle responds well to improper nailing.

I know you want to think all your roofers will nail every shingle perfect.
It is better to provide the roofer with material
That he can apply correctly without going as slow as a snail.
He just wont go slow as a snail.

Edit…you Just mentioned the GAF roofer is going to hand nail it.
That changes things.
He can easily correctly install this shingle.
Its just really hard for a gun nailer to install it correctly.


Makes sense. Thanks.

Don’t factor in anything for underlayment. It is simply insurance for the roofer in case it rains before the project is finished. Once the roof is complete it has virtually no advantage from one to the other, unless it is low slope and needs ice/water shield.


Use 2 layers of the regular cap instead of the cedar crest, the cedar crest doesn’t have the shading that matches, it doesn’t have the clipped corners either.

The standard cap looks a lot better.

A proper comparison would be the Ultra HD vs Landmark Premium


Yeah,standard timberline vs landmark pro isnt even close.
I dont understand why guys emphasis their particular flavour of underlay so heavily. Once their installed they all do the same thing.

Thanks for the information. Is the difference in premier and pro worth the difference in cost? I’m not even sure what the difference is.

I don’t know if the cost difference between the Landmark pro & Premium is worth it since both will perform identically for pretty much the same length of time.

The Premium is a thicker shingle along with higher definition shading so IMO it looks better.

It looks even nicer with 2 layers of cap for higher definition.

Bling it out with exposed copper headwall flashing & copper valleys and it looks pretty awesome.

It really just comes down to how much a dollar is personally worth to you.


Landmark pro is an outstanding shingle, just put them on my personal house Last week. A true comparison would be landmark premium to timberline ultra, but in most cases pro is the best bang for your buck.