Landmark TL pattern

Hi Experts,

I have couple more questions about Landmark TL. Yesterday I have opened one bundle of Landmark TL to see how they look like and how to put them together into nice pattern. The first thing I found is that those shingles are packed by two facing each other with underside sides (I guess to make sure that self-sealing strip is not ruined). The second thing I noticed is that pretty much all shingles are different in terms of their tabs pattern (every shingle has different tabs with different offset from the edge).
Then, I have tried to follow the instruction on the packaging to put those shingles together using 5 courses diagonal method. I definitely can align shingles with 5"5/8 and 11"1/4 offset, but the pattern I am seeing is not really nice. It looks to me that shingles needs to be followed in certain order to make perfect pattern.

Now questions:

  1. Are shingles from the same bundle needs to be applied in certain order?
  2. Do you guys specifically match any two shingles together to make sure that their tabs create nice pattern on the same course?
  3. When you start second course, do you match first second course shingle with first course shingle to makes nice pattern vertically?
  4. Is there any specific rules on how to make the pattern?

I have searched certainteed web site for any additional instructions, but I haven’t found any. Am I missing something here? I thought this shouldn’t be a puzzle to put those shingles together, but it looks like a puzzle to me unless I am missing something really simple.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear your advices.

respectfully and with most of this post self deleted–You are making a huge problem where there isn’t one.
signed— an expert and lover of beautiful roofs.

Are you saying it SHOULD be random pattern and I shouldn’t worry about it?

yes sir.

also please dont go up on the roof with your tape measure and measure 5 5/8 and 11 1/4 offset.
No roofer does that and it is not important at all.
What’s important is that your seams are around 6 inches apart or more. I do mine at around 8 inches but it is not exact and no i do not use my tape measure for the off-setting pattern.

No worries. I am not trying to make those pattern on the roof :slight_smile: Just before cutting those shingles I tried to put them together on a piece of plywood on the ground to make sure that I am not missing anything before I cut them.

Are you saying that you are not following those official instructions and your roofs still looks good? Certainteed says that pattern might be objectionable if those instructions are not followed. And yes they say seams should not be closer than 3"1/2

Anyway, thank you for clarification.

first use whole shingle then cut about 7 inches off the next then 60/40 the next then use the 7 inch piece all in a stair step fashion , repeat until you reach the top :smiley:

There really isn’t a set pattern to the TL as opposed to a Presidential or Grand Sequoia. But there is a pattern to avoid, I call it blocking. Where those extra tabs line up and go straight up the roof. This can happen when you “rack” install (go straight up as opposed to an angle).
Each shingle and bundle are designed and packed to avoid the “blocking” pattern when installed properly and as per installation instructions.