Wondering how many are using them to help bidding?

I’ve started, cust. seem to be impresed when i hand them a nicely printed out estimate in under 10 mins. or emailed within 10 mins. with pics if needed… :mrgreen:

When i first started off as a sales rep, i did all hand written estimates…

That lasted about two weeks…

I bought a laptop/printer. Designed an estimate form in excel that automatically calculated everything for me. All i had to do was put in the QTY’s.

My fellow estimators would get a phone call from an existing customer and it would take them 20 minutes to find an estimate when it took me 2 seconds.

Laptops are the way to go.

We use all Apple Ipad’s. They are easy to use without a keyboard and we have a pre-set form to fill out that kicks out the price. Our wireless printers run on the accessory plug in and away we go.

Customers seem to love the convenience and cleanliness of the estimates this way.

I find mine exremely valuable,I take pictures of damage and other imperfections with my digital cam and rather than squinting trying to show damage on a 2.5" screen I hook it up to my Vaio and explain away.I have found customers prefer a more professional printed proposal versus hand written.I agree its much better to provide a clean professional estimate in a fraction of the time rather than a return visit or mail.Out of 10 estimates I can honestly say 7 out of the 10 will sign.