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Cyea. Im done with the bs sub contractors thinkin the business. If you know so much well then why dont u have a licence. I will miss this site but be honest. I have trired to lend a helping hand but learned that peole are stuck in there ways and im well not wanted in the help field. Sorry to post so many opinions. Good luck to G-tape, Aaron b, Qrfl and SYS. It has been nice speaking with. Look at least i set this forum up for u guys with sys help. Have a great day! Always spoke my mind with a gun in my hand. Name that tune.

Well dang, dude, anytime someone asks a question, you fly off the handle on them…remember when you started your business how much help you needed to get things going right, and there was nobody to turn to, but just trial and error,…and lots of errors?

WTF, Kevin? Chill out on people. Maybe donttreat people like s h i t and you will earn some respect.

I have been wanting to tell you this for months…

I’ll second that (even if I have no right to). I’ve read alot of your posts, and…daayyyyummm man…take it easy…you take things so personally…DONT. Here’s just a few, of MANY:

advice on compressors

“Well if you are going to skimp out on that what else are you cheaping out on.â€

when i first came in here , pride was the very first to step on my toes and ill admitt he can put up a fight, almost felt like leaving this site.

There is always different ideas but you can take it personally, we discuss::

HELLOOOO!!! discussion forum.

but he is the only one who filled my pc with business stuff, sales stuff, spends his money to call me long distance, and i think he even mailed me stuff.

so the guy is grumpy, so what.
so maybe he is a little nuts, so what
so maybe he is short tempered so what
should i keep going :smiley:

i think he brings knowledge and life to this forum.
i also think if you piss him off he will leave. :smiley:

stay in touch dude!!!

Boy, somebody made Pride upset.

If one of you guys makes me that upset, I’m not going to leave the site, I am going on a road trip and have a visit with you. :slight_smile:

maybe Pride wasn’t really a roofer, maybe he was my wife, she always gets upset like that?!?!?!

Take a break Pride, you’ll feel better in awhile.

Pride, here’s my advice…take a vacation to some beach somwhere, and let those hot senoritas bring you some cold margaritas, and have a nice week of it. Then come back and swear at us ia little more nicely. :smiley:

I agree with Aaron as usual. You make things very personal…attacking. You are a very knowledgable roofer who has some good advice but it is all in the presentation. Johnny is just starting and asked how much he should charge. he didnt know thats why he asked. Dont leave just relax and realize not everyone is perfect and there are plenty of different ways to skin a cat. The first time i came on this site a poster here argued with me alot like you his name was roofscape and alot like you and Q we pretty much got along after that. What i guess i am saying is dont waste so much time and energy on being critical and continiue to assist people in the positive way that I see you do so often on here.

Did I miss something???