Layman Roofing Question

I know nothing about roofing and submit this to the experts. I just had a new roof put on after hail damage. There are a couple areas around my chimney where there is some metal sticking out as pictured below. The first and third pics are the same location, the second pic is the second area. I asked the roofer about this and he said it is normal. He says this is the flashing that they put in the valley. I asked why it is sticking out, and he said it is so the water can run down it outside of the shingles. They spray painted the metal black to make it less noticeable. So, my question to you roof experts is is this normal? Appreciate the help. PS, sorry for the huge photos, but couldn’t figure out hot to resize.

I typically do the same…but use metal flashing with baked on enanel color. Dark brown or in this case black.

Large amounts of water will splash at this location ((corners) …i like my flashing to stick out as well to divert most of the water from the chimney.

For this detail though…i would have the metal that is upturned on the backside of the chimney extend out 3 inches from the chimney…then neatly bent over (to remove the 90 degree point to a 45 degree tapered look, then caulk behind it.

It looks like too much caulking is exposed to the weather for my taste…exposed caulking does not last as long as the shingles do.

One more question while I’m at it. My electric exhaust fan was also replaced. Below is the pic from inside the attic. It looks like half of the fan area is covered by roof felt or some other material. This would seem to defeat the purpose somewhat because it limits the amount of hot air being sucked out of the roof. Don’t think my previous fan was like this. Is this normal? Again, thanks for the feedback on these issues.

Yeah, your chimney looks sloppy. Might be OK as far as being leak free, but sloppy. :doubt:
Sure does look like they forgot to trim the felt for the vent.
It’ll definitely perform better if you monkey on up there & cut it out. :idea:

“Roofer Mike”


He almost got it right. He cut the metal on the chimney side of that valley right on the corner. There is no water kickout there. The corner is relying soley on his caulk job. The half baked vent job also shows his inexperience at roofing.

I cut and zoomed some on this picture.I can almost guaranty they roofed over a nasty mess.The sunken areas beside the chimney tell the tale.I have never reused step flashing on a reroof and from the left over tar chunks its evident that your roofer did.

I see shingles buckled and overlapped and with reusing step flashing caked with tar and the sunken spots obviously ignored,IMO you have a hack job.

New step flashing could have been put behind that poor excuse for a side skirt on your CF.

And since yours was a redeck I guess it was to much to ask for the plywood to break on a truss/rafter.That is one nasty display of workmanship if you ask me.And the vent placement is another vulgar display of incompetence.

the way the cricket was done looks backwards to me so there’s a good chance that flashing won’t help anything since it appears to be laid flat in the valley and isn’t really tied in to the chimney. Any water that makes it way under that cut will probably get under the flashing as well. If they used I&W it might hide any leaks till the nails rust through

A whole lot of questions come to mind when I see these pics… First, one wonders if he, (the contractor) was even there when this was installed. I have a little knowledge of that area and what does and doesn’t go on…
Second, where’s the pride in your work, stemming from the first and beyond…
Third, Appears like a northern Philly flash counter instead of a proper riglet app… Caulk is for the lazy and incompetent. I’d never !!! Not one drop.
Fourth, As per every material expansion is evident proof of sloppy work again…
And lastly, I’m insulted by the word expert ! What a poor excuse for lack of a better vocabulary. Any person or company representing themselves as an expert would never get my approval or respect in any manner !!! I am a professional and nothing more. I have learned and will continue to learn and know what I have learned until I cease to exist.
Given where this was applied I am not even slightly surprised…
More often than not, one will get what they pay for or get taken advantage of. My claim is go right ahead and hire that guy that is fifty bucks cheaper and I’ll love you all the more when you call me to fix his mistakes…
You have to love all the ROOF INSULTANTS !!! It’s never the roof’s fault, rather the one that installed it !

the chimney saddle framing is not as wide as it should be. i like to use a one piece metal chimney saddle made by the metal shop to order. if it is not in your contract then you do not have much recourse unless it leaks.