Layover price

Thanks guys for persuading me not to do a layover on my house, which has dimensional shingles. I have a barn that has 3 tab shingles and I am going to get a second layer of 30yr laminate put on.

My question is how much difference should I be charged for just a layover instead of a tear off. I have a guy that said he will charge me $140/square on a tear off for my house and $110/square for a layover on my barn. Neither has much of a pitch. The shingle to be put on is an Elk 30yr laminate.


both prices seem unreasonably cheap to me. at those prices i would be concerned if he has insurance. remember you get what you pay for. the tear off price wont even cover his costs of materials and debris removal. get 5 bids. throw out the highest & lowest, pick 1 from the middle 3 who you trust.

I agree. Any reputible company would have to be in the 190 a square minimum.

Materials around 70 for a tear off
Labor 65 to 75 depending on pitch so lets say 70
thats 140 right there. Where is he making any money to warranty the roof??

I would find another roofer. Something is not right. I agree with marshall