Leak around skylight

I had a leak run to my wall 2 ft south of skylight a roofer wants to remove skyligyht and 6 x 12 ft of tile around 4 x 2 ft skylight and install new lead flashing…seal the pipe and and put modified roofing to the lowside of the skylight…estimate $600.00 what do you think?

your not going to be happy spendin money,
and havin more problems spring up later with the same old roof.
seriously think about a new roof.



Most leaks around skylights are from the gasket around the glass.

If that is what is wrong with yours, new flashing will not help.

In my area, I fix skylights that just werent roofed in properly.

If the problem is the skylight flashing, considerthat a steal. Check references and for insurance.

Hard to say without seeing the roof. Do you have a couple pictures you could post?
And your location? What’s expensive for gweedo may be inexpensive for Aaron and I.

Most skylight leaks are from poor installation and flashing. If the new roofing contractor does his work properly, it should solve your problem. I will say this much, be wary of “wet glazing” the skylight dome, as most sealants will actually attack the acrylic dome and cause crazing and micro-fractures. I forget what type of sealant is recommended, but you can probably call a reputable skylight company and find out. Also, do not clean acrylic domes with anything that contains ammonia, like glass cleaner, as it too will damage the domes. The best thing to use is soapy water or special acrylic cleaner for skylight domes.

I would give you the name of the skylight manufacturer that I deal with, but I’m sure the last thing they need is everyone that reads this post calling them for information about skylights and not placing a single order.

Is it a bubble/dome?

Its a good price. But i could do it for 100. but i dont do repairs. im just to cool. Im make everything in the room quiver.