Leak at Fireplace - Advice Needed


I have a leak problem at the fireplace. Water comes out from the front face of the fireplace.

I also found water stain at the ceiling near the fireplace.

I checked the inside of the fireplace, and it is dry. I sealed the three sides between the cheminey and the roof tiles, but it did not help prevent the leak.

Any advice to fix this problem? Thanks a lot!

I sealed the surroundings of the cheminey, but it did not help.

Did you check the cap?


Thanks for your advice! I will take a look!

If leaking is dripping on top of the chimney box pan below.
You should hear it dripping…
It is where the chimney fluke enters through the chimney cap.

Any stains you see around the chimney ceiling would be a separate leak.
Surrounding the base or the siding itself

You just made that flashing inaccessible by sealing. There is also numerous broken and glued tiles in the picture. You quadrupled the cost you will pay when a roofer does ultimately come out.


Looking at both pics it would seem like this leak is on the second story, not this roof to wall. I am not saying it can’t happen but i would be looking at the cap or the saddle / cricket behind the chimney on the 2nd story. Given the # of broken tiles on the section in the pic, this could be just broken tiles behind the chimney.

I would not be able to look out that window and live with the view of the dirty roof, wall and patio cover. I’d go down to my local roofing supply and replace the broken tiles and power wash that roof, stucco and patio cover.

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Thanks for your response! Your description is exactly what happened to my fireplace. I heard very clear water dropping sound at the top of the chimney box. Maybe seal the surroundings of the chimney cap can solve this problem?

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I agree. I have already talked to several local roofers. Most of them are not willing to repair tile roofs. They only want to replace the whole roof. Replacing the tile roof is very pricy (~20K - 30K), and I need to wait 6-8 months for clay roof supply (as claimed by several roofers). I am in a very unpleasant position right now : (

That’s not clay it’s just standard concrete that any tile roofer should have in his boneyard. I would look for someone specializing in tile repair, rather than installs. If you can find them it would benefit you to spend a few thousand to completely clean up that area around the chimney, replace the cap possibly and go over the roof with a general maintenance. We do only a few tile installs per year now and have moved on to repairs/maintenance. Hopefully there is someone in your area doing the same thing.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

The roof is very old (26 years) and no insurance companies want to insure this property due to the old roof (or they charge extremely high). I may replace the roof eventually. I was told by many roofers (I am in the central Florida), saying that the supply chain of tile is delayed due to the pandemic, so the wait time is 4~6 months.

Yes, It is leaking where the chimney tube comes through the chimney cap.
Usually just needs new sealant applied where the tube comes through the chimney cap.
Or a “collar” needs to be installled because their is a gap there that needs to be covered.

It depends on the design.
But you should see the problem once you get up there.

I’m nit sure what part of the couhtry you are in but I would have a compitant roofer remove all the tiles around the chmney and make sure the underlayment is running up the walls and the correct flashing and counter flashing is installed, and all broken tiles replaced then I believe your problem will be solved. As ine of the guys said when you start smearing sealants and stuff all over the place your just costing yourself money, that roof was not meant to have crap smeared all over it

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