Leak from Toe Board Holes in Metal Roof

Whenever we painted last, the painters nailed in toeboards and caulked the nailholes with silicon when they were done. We’ve just isolated a leak there and I’m looking for solutions. The spot in question gets runoff from a dormer roof so the silicon may have eroded over time. It’s a small area maybe 1 or 2 sq ft max. I’m considering pulling the nails and patching over that area with the original metal or a neoprene washer equipped roofing screw if I can find one lar ge enough. Also thinking of SealoFlex and West Marine epoxy. Any ideas?

if it was my house id wire brush the areas & soldier the holes w/ 50/50 soldier sticks. then if its a colored metal roof id get the kynar touch up paint to match. painters are famous for that shit, you got to watch them all the time.

Painters nailed a toe board into a metal roof???

They should have to pay to have it properly repaired.

I agree with Axiom, unless that method of attachment was agreed to in the contract. If not, their General Liability Policy should cover the replacement to bring the condition of the metal panels into a Before Damaged Condition.


yeah im not quite understandin why a couple of nail or screw holes is botherin ya.
how big are the holes again?
did they use railroad spike for nails?

i screw or nail toe boards into metal roofs all the time.
take the nail out and put a “neoprene washer equipped roofing screw” in its place.

neopreme equiped.
make gweedo laugh.

if you have an exsposed fastener metal roof you can replace the whole panel.



Yeah, the nail holes caused leaks when the silicon eroded.

for a cheap fix, try a caulk meant to be exposed like Rainbuster .Silicone is only good for boobs.-Ray :smiley:


GeoCel either brusable with fabric or Geocel in a tube will give you a durable fix. Then paint it to match.

That is what chicken ladders are for. You do not face nail into any roofing material.

Painters always screw up roofs…like painting is more important then your roof…sshheesh! :roll:

As other member said it might possible due to nail holes, if you facing such problem in every season solve out with professional.