Leak ? help!

Ok I have a hipped roof ranch with Tampko archect shingles about 12 yrs old. It was a tear off with i&w.

I have a 2ft overhang vented soffit all the way around.

We had a major 4" all day rain storm a few days ago, his morning I notice a smal ( 1/4" wide by 3" long) stain in the corner of our back bdrm.

I went out and popped out 2 soffit panels where the area was. It is a short rafter ( 2x6 ) running from the hip ridge board ( 2x10) There was insulation fiberglass with no vapor paper under it. I took it out and the sheetrock celeing did feel damp under it where the stain was.

I reached back in further past the top plate and it felt dry. I see no wetness on the decking or rafter but the top plate right in that area feels damp, hard to tell. I got up in the attic which is a project in itself due to insulation and the closeness of the rafters. From what I could see no wetness.

I replaced the insulation with vapor barrier with new and put a baffle in there. Again this is right in the corner. I then looked the roof over with a fine tooth comb for nail pops or missing shingles etc. I can see NOTHING.The area is about 4" from the hip cap and again all looks fine…

Could this just be condensation ??? Doubtfull

If there is no wetness on the underside plywood or rafters…assume for the moment that it is condensation.

When there is enormous amounts of moist weather, (4 inches of rain or snow) The intake and out-take vent is working over-time. Cannot reduce the excess moisture and in some cases wetness will show up in places.

The important thing is that you changed the dynamics by replacing your insulation…Keep an eye on it when the next storm comes through.

I agree, keep an eye on it. Could be a nail in a butt joint.

so if it rains and does it again then its a leak. But again I dont see any spots or missing shingles, nail pops etc. Its many rafters awa from the ridge vent and it would have to jump across rafters to get to this spot.

It cant be running down the hip ridge board because there is insulation touching that at the bottom and its dry.

Again this is the first rafter to the side of the hip ridge and its in this cavity it feels damp/wet right up close to the top plate, the next cavity bone dry…

Im baffeled I would think if it was condensation it would not just be that one spot but im hoping

Thank you

A nail in a butt joint is likely not visible with architectural shingles.

why after 12 yrs ??

Here are a couple pics, the spot is about 39" to the lfet of the window so you can see its almost to the hip ridge. Its a 2ft overhang

i147.photobucket.com/albums/r318 … oof2-2.jpg


Water running over a nail will not leak at first. As the nail rusts, then it could leak. It could take a long time, especially if the nail is close to a hip or ridge, as these areas see less flow of water.

I’m not saying this is your problem, but I think it could be. I take it the gutter is clean?

Could also be an improper stagger of the butt joints. I&W may have been saving the leak from showing until now.
Keep an eye on it, and if it does it again, call a pro.

Yup gutter is clean and even if it were not its 2ft away from the wall and the soffit is 5" below the celeing height. Wouldnt I see the rusty nail from the underside ??

If it does it again I may pop out those 2 panels again and remove the baffle and insulation and watch it when its raining because I can get under the overhang

heres another pic

i147.photobucket.com/albums/r318 … oof3-2.jpg

whats the best method of tracking it down ?? Its got to be in a small area or it seems like I would see wetness on the hip ridge board or anhter rafter or the decking.

Man I hate stuff like this,

Ok I can see you want to do this yourself.

Pop the panels out. Get a garden hose, put it on “gentle” or whatever. Get on your ladder and spray the hose on the roof while looking under the soffit. Spray it in a manner that mimics rainfall, not like old faithful popped up in your front yard. Start low on the roof and look for problems. If you spray for a few minutes and see no problem, move the spray farther up the roof. Continue this until you see where the water is coming through. Let us know what you find before you do anything like remove shingles. Good luck

Dont worry im NOT removing ANY shingles,lol

I already got it back together but I was gonna wait and see if when it rains it does it again, I admit im gun shy now o I will probably always be watching it.

I just went on the ladder again and looked the roof over from the drip up 5 ft and I dont see a butt joint near the area. Maybe its under the hip cap or something.

If it does it again, which in my mind I cant imagine it sealed itself so it probably will, Im callin the roofer who did it.
Thanks fellas for the help

So it only leaks when it rains?

I was expecting a response like this sooner or later.


if it does it again and i do the hose deal i probably dont need to start from the edge by the drip edge right ? because the edge is out 2ft from the side wall
and again the celeing is higher than the soffit.

suppose it wouldnt hurt but ill probably end up doing this by myself. i wonder if its water running under the gap the shingles creat where the hip cap shingles go over the hip.

if thats it could i just seal that edge all the way down or better to remove the caps ?

Had one leak after 8 inchs of rain over night,when i got there the whole roof was dry except where water was wicking out from under the shingle directly above the leak.It was in the middle of the shingle,the deck had a slight deflection in it.The water had traveled sideways untill it reached a naill and leaked in.I would never have found the leak, except that i arrived to find that spot still wet,30 years roofing it was a first for me to see that water travel sideways about 18 inchs on 5/12.

this roof was bone dry the next morning. I wish i would have seen something thats why it bugs me the roof looks perfect.

again maybe there is a nail under the edge of the hip cap or something but i dont think so because the hip ridge board is dry.

my buddy said ’ hey it may never happen again’ but i say " hey maybe it will" at any rate its not right

could this be my problem ?? i got back on the ladder this morning and looked with a flashlight and i did see a nailhead that appears was nailed a bit too low and when the above shingle was placed it didnt quite cover the whole nail head.

now there was only a sliver of it sticking pas the upper shingle but you could see the whole head looking from the ladder up the roof from the eaves.

it is right in line almost perfect with the spot where the leak is. now what are the chances this could be the problem ?? the nail was not sunk right into the shngle but wasnt loose either.

I put a dob of roof cement under the upper shingle covering the nail head because the nail was not loose enough to pull and i didnt want to break the seal or the shingle above.

it seems like the water would have to run under the upper shingle slightly and im not sure it could do that but again this is all i see in that area.

look at the pic attached and you can see how the upper shingle doesnt come down as far as it should and you can see how close it is to the hip to the left…

whacha guys think ??

i147.photobucket.com/albums/r318 … ilspot.jpg

where’d you guys go ?

could be. an exposed nail is basically the same as a nail in a butt joint. try the hose test for confirmation.