Leaking behind gutter

Hello, I made a big mistake and had a friend install my roof, soffit, facia and gutters ect. He installed ice guard and drip edges as well per my request. Anyway, her is the problem “I think”. When he installed the drip edge and put the shingles over them, he didn’t leave any extra shingle over the drip edge so there is something hanging over into the gutters. He has the edge exactly at the drip edge. Now when it rains it rains and water comes in behind the gutters. How can I fix this? Is there something I can get a Lowes that I can shove under the drip edge and into the gutter so the water flows into the gutter? Thanks!

There is nothing i can think of. The roof was done wrong if the drip is even with the shingle at the gutter. Only way i know how to fix that is well do it correctly and start over.

is there a product I can slip under the drip edge and over the lip of the gutter?

Two things that might help:

  1. Get some aluminum “coil” from your local supply house and cut it into strips. You want to slide it up under the drip edge and let it come down into the gutter. Sometimes if the gutter isn’t right up to the drip edge the water will run off the roof and behind it. Tack it in place with white alum. pop rivets or trim nails.

  2. If you really must have an overhang you can remove the first 3 courses and cheat them all down 1/8" or so, giving you a small over hang. Kind of cheesy but you could also install a metric shingle on the first row if you can find one of the same color as your roof. They have a slightly larger exposure than the standard shingles in most cases.

First run a hose on your roof and observe why the water is by passing the gutter system. That will tell you which fix to use. Chances are the coil will work.

Well I called a roofing contractor to fix my problem! This it something I should have done first… I guss you get what you paid for. Thanks!

Here is a link to the product I mentioned in the other forum for you.

This is the link to the drip edge extension coil stock.



Thanks Ed!


first of all your user name makes me waunder
if anyone in , on, or around your house is thinking
with a clear head.
having said that.
shingles even with or not even with the edge metal have nothing to do with the edge metal face bein
over the back of the gutter so the water runs
into the gutter not behind it.

so oxicotton.
ill slow it down just in case.

take off gutter and reinstall it properly.


gweedo, I came to this forum for help not sarcasm! Having said that. Is what you’re saying that the bottom of the drip edge has to be over the back of the gutter? Wait let me slow it down for you…

Bottom of drip over gutter…


You should learn to take a bit of sarcasm with more grace if you’re going to name yourself after a narcotic. Misspelled I might add…

Yes, the bottom edge of the vertical portion of the gutter apron drip edge flashing should extend into the top rear back profile of the gutter.

If the run of the gutter is extremely long and is pitched for positive drainage towards only one downspout, it may wind up missing because the gutter had to drop down too much and then an extension could be used.

Also, and a better solution, would be to have the center of the gutter as the high point and have 2 downspouts and drop outlets at both opposing ends so that each side only has to pitch downwards half the amount required if you on had one downspout.

I thought the UserName was referring to that miracle cleaning product tauted on infomercials.


Thanks Ed your post was helpfull!


oh sure give ed all the credit.


Thanks you everyone for the help it was much appreciated!

just messin with ya.
were all happy to help.