Leaking coming from ridge vent, help!

Hello Everyone,

Here is my ongoing roofing situation. When it rains, especially hard - rain would drip from this 1 spot on the ridge (1 drop every 2-3 seconds) down into a bucket I have sitting on the floor joist in the unfinished attic. The attic has no lights and it’s not really walkable (you can if you only step on the joist). My 1st attempt going up to the roof, I discovered that 2 piece of ridge vent was used for the ridge. The 2 ridge vents are butted to each other (1 long piece of ridge vent would prevented this) with some old roofing cement on the seam, which is cracked. What I did was I patched it up with some Geocell 2300 sealant. It still dripped

My 2nd attempt, I went up there and I applied another layer of sealant and it’s still dripping when it rains. I’m very certain where I see it leaking when I’m on the attic is exactly where the 2 ridge vent butted on the roof.

Anyone out there has a similar issue or knows what this could be.

Anyone help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone for your time.

note: I went to Lowes and their ridge vents are much wider than minds… Otherwise I would purchased it cut a piece of it and overlay it on the butted area.

get us some pictures. there are many different types of ridge vent.

You cant repair the roof & stop the leak from inside your attic, no matter what some guy tells you at Home Depot, Lowes, or some hardware store Also depending on what kind of ridgevent it is it could have seams at 3,4,8,10, or more feet. If aluminum they have plastic or rubber connectors joining the peices. If its a rollvent like Cobra from GAF or Benjamin Obdyke IKO it could have seams at 20,25, or 50 feet. If its rollvent a cap is probably cracked/split or missing. Call your friendly neighborhood roofer before you step through your ceiling!

Sounds to me like you have mobile home ridge venting, which is like a metal ridge vent with no shingles on top of it. I have yet to see that on a regular home, just trailers. As suggested, pics would help.

seem like they did not use the rubber connector were they connect to getter they just lapped it on to the other they didn’t lapped it enought lossen the nails on the roof at the connection back each way to allowyou to raise it up enough to slide a piece of medal under the joint at lest 12’’ long and wide as the vent or if you have any 3 tab shingle one tab centerd under the connecting joint that should allow the water to be dispuse back out on the roof renail and reseal just as a precaution.

Sounds like a typical case from CoraVent,.A.k.a,Sponge,or it could be the metal type that has the strap that covers the seam.

Thanks everyone for there help

I will try and get some pictures

I read online that this could be a end cap issue. I know for a fact the end caps are there but I don’t think they are caulk with a roofing sealent. You think that may be the cause?

I really wanna test it on a nice early AM, by spraying the area with water and have someone check at the attic and see.

I responded to leak call early this morning & what i found was all the ridge caps covering the ridgevent were cracked/split because of the snow shoveling crew they had up there this winter was walking on the ridge.