Leaking Dormer

Hi all

I am very frustrated with my leaking 2nd floor attic dormer that has been leaking for about a year and a half with 3 roofers coming to ‘fix’ it and countless visits by these roofers.

I had 2 leaks (one either side) coming out in the rooms below, lead soakers were fitted and new felt fitted and the water doesn’t come out in the rooms below anymore but on one side of the dormer still suffers from wet patches (one on the inside wall that backs onto the dormer side, 2 on the wall backing onto the sloped roof space, one on the underside of where the lead soakers would be) and patches that slowly seep water and dribble down the surface. (I can email a diagram of the situation upon request).

This doesn’t happen everytime it rains and seems to be random. I think the last roofer who fitted the new lead soakers has not fitted them properly on this side but he insists he has.

Just hoping for anyone with anything that can help me and him in the right direction.

There is also a chimney not far from the area in question but the roofer has fibreglassed it.

Thanks in advance!!



send your diagram to me at aaron@roseroofing.net

Youre so right, dude.

is your dormer walls made of wood siding or viynl siding?

ive never heard of lead soakers.
must be a north thing.
nontheless when i here a dormer leakin on both sides i
think first that the valley metal does not extend far enough
at the bottom.

again lead soakers makes me think im not gonna be of much help here
good luck.