Leaking flat roof

I need some information about reroofing an asphalt roof.
I have received 3 bids so far, but all 3 use a different material.
2 are membrane and 1 is fluid applied (Duro Last, Versico, and Astec)
Which would be the best and are there other types out there?
Some of the issues I have are ponding water and many roof vents.
Also why would the fluid applied be $25,000 less?

Astec is 25,000 less cuz it is a junk acrylic “paint” with a perm rating so high that it willsoak water and disintegrate, especially under ponding water. ALL acrylic warranties I have read EXCLUDE areas of ponding water.

To spray a paint (which I DO like for reflectivity on a new smooth surfaced roof) or to build a roof? Of course its cheap. nO EQUIPMENT, NO SKILL, NO ,WATERPROOFING.

The best bang for the buck continues to be a BUR with a modified bitumen cap.

yeah 25,000 less doesnt sound like your dealin with a minor roofing job.
id get some glass and hot tar up there also.

ditto AaronB.


Warranties are negotiable. I Have many fluid applied acrylic projects
(Hydro Stop) with standing water that have NDL labor and materials warranties in full force with out failure. Many many many.

I am not, however, refering to any Astec projects.

If you truly want that 25k and a quality roof you wont get it. But you might get 10 k!!! with Hydro stop.

BUR is not a value roof. IT works… but you will be redoing it in 10 -15 years. Single ply is expensive and unless it is Sarnofil… beware.

i dont know some of these products (I don’t care too much for flat roofing), but I’ve yet to see Aaron B. give any bad advice on things I do know. For flat roofs, my company only installs EPDM. I have some experience at Sarnafil, but not enough to feel confident selling it, and the labor pool for it is small. From doing EPDM, feedback I get when the BUR roofs lives are up are about 40 to 50 years before problems with proper drainage, and probably many other variables. I always stayed away from it because it’s VERY hard work with the possibility of some drunk turning you into fried chicken. More feedback I got was that it could probably be had cheaper than rubber (EPDM).

mod bit doesnt last but 10-15 yrs max in the west. They might still be there. They might not leak… but if you saw it… youd most certainly say … That has got to be replaced yesterday, last month, a year ago. EPDM same same, TPO hasnt made it to 8 yrs yet.
They have all been replaced. Fluid applied needs a minor maintanance every 10 yrs 1/3 of initial investment] but will last indefinately. Sure you could spend the money on a BUR or a single ply and coat it with a High performance “reflective” acrylic and preserve the integrity of those types of roofs for an unknown period perhaps forever $$$$$] with regular maintenance, but the high performance acrylics have now developed into a system that no longer needs the traditional roof under it and that is where the savings is. Without compromise of quality. Again the manufacturers are reluctant to give carte blanc warranties to joe shmo the roofer but they do negotiate with professionals. I have negotiated and written 20 yr NDLs with acrylic systems. LABOR and Materials. 20 years is a long freakin time. for a manufacturer to say 20 yrs NDL has got to hurt a bit, not knowing if anybody is going to give a pisss about that roof during the warranty cycle. I make sure I inspect my roofs once every other year. No matter what! just to keep contact with past clients. BTW it adds a heck of alot of credibility to my business also.

just a note i own a house in surprise az.derbigum hps.installed in sept 1989.cheap mods,improperly installed dont last out west.also crashed the ruck bad, burned face(for aaron)

Damn, Bob. Glad youre not hurt too badly.

You know, that hydro stop would make a damned good surfacer for your 20 year old modified bitumen roofing. Reflectance is awesome with the acrylics. I have just seen too many people fooled by pipe dreams of acrylics for waterproofing.

All acrylics chalk with time. Chalking loses millage. You do have re-do them. Modified Bitumen with and acrylic reflective coating will work a looooonng time. We have SBS mod bit 16 years old and nol signs of failure yet, uncoated. Twenty years is nothing for mod bit.

I am in agreement with you on this post Aaron.

As for modified bitumen membranes not lasting out west, I have to assume he was talking about SBSs. I know here in Houston that SBSs tend to loose their granule-surfacing pretty quickly also, but if they are coated before they have aged too long it prolongs their service-life.

I was speaking about SBS when i was typing but when the APPs get overheated during installation thier life span is drastically reduced also. I use app for all my tile underlayment . As long as you keep the sun off them they function great. :smiley:

And BOSS Im glad you’re ok too. I meant no Dis by not acknowledging you earlier. :wink: Ill be in Phoenix next week. looking at a group of buildings there. Maybe we can do business???

im only here racin…er crashin and burnin :smiley:

If your APP is getting overheated during installation, you’d better get some APP training.

[quote=“samskii”] I use app for all my tile underlayment . As long as you keep the sun off them they function great. :smiley:

That is where acrylics are actually useful… :stuck_out_tongue:

you are killing me Aaron. Im not giving up. You will be seein it my way some day. Maybe it wont be me that convinces you though.

BTW I am not an applicator of roof systems anymore. I Spec, inspect and consult. Like you stated on another post. It is getting hard to find qualified people to do the jobs anymore.
I have even been to trainings to find the trainer overheating APP.

Ok Boss, Just thought maybe.


I certqinly believe you that fluid applieds are the next wave…I just don’t think it is in acrylics.

My experience shows a better product in polyurea.

AaronB. you seem to know quite a bit about roofing, but it does sound like you are misinformed on the latest technologies. You have stated, regarding Astec; “the perm rating is so high it will soak water and disintegrate…”

Do you actually know the perm rating of the Astec products specified on low slope roofing? Do you know the name of the products specified on low slope roofing? Are you aware that Astec, as well as other 100% acrylic polymer coatings are being specified in ponding applications by roof consultants all across the country with great success?

I understand you are a polyurea coating guy and totally believe in your system, but you know as well as I, polyurea can easily be misapplied and cause building owners tremendous grief when this happens. Polyurea is a very credible system when applied properly and used in the right situation, but I think that can be said for most roofing systems.

Finally, this is a forum open to the public and some people might take everything you say as gospel. Therefore, with all the hundreds of posts you are making, I would suggest you do all your homework before knocking anyone’s product. The evidence of what you say here is in writing and should be completely accurate, so as not to leave you open to litigation. An opinion is one thing, but you sound like you are stating facts. I will look for the facts I asked above. Have a good day.

i dont know if this is a commercial property but if so you
should ask when you get bids for a no dollar limit warranty
this covers material and labor the roofing contractor will
have to be certified with the companys material he is using
i dont know if any manufactory offers this for residental

OK, in my experience, acrylics have not stood up as specified over the last 5 years.

[quote=“coulson”]i dont know if this is a commercial property but if so you
should ask when you get bids for a no dollar limit warranty
this covers material and labor the roofing contractor will
have to be certified with the companys material he is using
i dont know if any manufactory offers this for residental[/quote]

Hydro Stop does. They are the only one I know of. ( that is worth a damn anyway)