Leaking from behind gutter

I sealed the gutter on the outside with gutter pro and then painted it with water base paint. It leakes from behind the gutter; maybe I should screw back of gutter? No drip edge and can’t put it on now.

No drip edge = leaks.

There are areas that don’t use drip edge. I worked in Minnesota for 2 years and don’t think I ever saw it on a single house. While I find it unsightly if your shingles are have proper overhang you won’t have problems.

To the original poster, what I would do is bend a piece of aluminum coil stock on a metal break to go under the shingles as far as you possibly can and the other side over the gutter to insure that no water can get behind the gutter. I would secure this flashing with some hex head washer screws.

I had a small leak coming through my bathroom ceiling. I suspected it was from a full gutter. I have just had it cleaned and now the small leak has turned into a shower. I don’t know what to do next. Any advice?

That doesn’t sound like a gutter problem to me. Can you post some pics of your roof? If possible take some detailed ones in the area where the leak is (not just a picture of your roof from a mile away lol).