Leaking Ridge Vent

Good evening- my roof has been leaking and it’s 99% sure due to the ridge vent pulling up. If you can see the pic, it’s pulling up on the other side of the roof (sorry it’s the only pic I have right now), and looks to be coming up in a couple other spots too. I think it’s partly due to being 10/12 pitch and hard for the nails to hold. Couple of questions after getting a quote…and another company that won’t do it due to slope.
-Company said they will replace the vent, screw it down, and replace top shingles for $1200. Is that a fair price? I’ve seen $500 is average, but the slope and time might be driving it up. Just want to make sure I’m not being ripped off. Seems like an honest company with good reviews anyway
-Is it easier to just delete the vent? It’s an A frame and I don’t even think a vent is necessary
-Is screwing the vent to the roof acceptable? I’ve seen that it’s supposed to be 3” nails but can’t find if screws are occasionally used or if it’s not to code.

Thanks for any inputs/advice you got!


It’s highly unlikely that your roof is leaking because of the ridge vent.

The ridge vent looks like it was installed without the installer creating an arch with the vent, or it is roll vent.

Since you have california valleys it’s probably roll vent, they seem to go together.

Where is the roof leaking?

If I had to guess I would start with the chimney.

It’s leaking where the circle is in the pic, just on the opposite side of the roof. We have tongue and groove on the ceiling and during heavy rains it drips pretty bad. The shingles all look fine/no obvious issue etc. Just seems suspect that it’s right below where the ridge vent is very bowed up. Thanks for spending your time thinking about my problem…really appreciate it!


Hard to guess when you are showing the opposite side of where the leak is occurring. That vent pipe in the picture will probably be the next leak.

The other side is a mirror image, pipe and all. Mainly I’m wondering if the ridge vent replacement costing $1200 raises any eyebrows. Thanks!

It would for me unless a reputable roofer was willing to warranty the repair.

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You’ve got a sheet of decking loose where your circle is. Who told you it was the ridge vent?

Local roofing company just north of Tampa. They have pretty good reviews- Sharpe Roofing

Totally reasonable price.
I would charge the same.
It is not the roll vent.
It is The 4 foot sectionals.
I like what they are proposing.

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Thanks for the feedback. Truly appreciate it!