Leaking roof poor design

Well I recently bought a HUD home and knew it had a leak in the roof due to the evidence in the corner of the master bedroom. Big storms last night and now I know where it is…The roof was poorly designed and the leak is coming in from a gulley. Instead of the gulley running straight off of the roof it hits some siding about 10 inches from the edge which during heavy rain causes the water to not run off quick enough. I think this causes the water to run up over the flashing under the siding and then down the corner of the master bedroom. (which is rotted due to the constant water during rain storms) My ? is how hard of a fix is this usually and whats a very rough fair price range to expect. I have a contractor coming out to look at it Thursday but wanted to get a few ideas on what they are going to do to repair it and cost wise. Thanks for the help!!!


The best thing i can say right now is to post or email pictures so we can see what it is you are talking about. If the gulley you speak of is a valley then you are looking about 25 to 40 dollars a foot for that to be repaired and if the flashing is bad then you are looking at about 35 to 50 dollars a foot to be repaired. Lets say the wall is 15 feet and the valley is 20 feet, you are looking at about 1200 dollars. If you can send me a picture it would be easier to see what is wrong.

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You need something similar to this;

not necessarily copper, a single ply membrane professionally installed will work.

thanks…how much do those usually run installed?

spedster, 9 times out of 10 the watewr will not run up and over the step flashings.

either the water is coming in the corner under the siding at the wall, or the water is coming through the siding and runs behind the stepflashings.

Both are rather easy to fix, if you know what you’re doing.

1st, if it is the corner, you need to get to that corner and reflash if neccesary, but usually its just a pump full of caulk in the corner hole. That will last a good long time, since the caulk usually doesn’t see the weather of sun.

2nd, if it is the siding leaking, you need to pull off the siding in the area, you need to install some ice and water shield up the wall and have it lay OVER the step flashings to the roof. Then reinstall the siding.

If you have a really good contractor, he will agree with everythign I said, if he doesn’t agree with me, then get someone who does!!!

I second that

without looking at the roof I will tell you this; there is no poor design. A correctly chosen, properly installed roof will not leak for a couple of decades. I’ve been around roofing for less than 2 decades, but ripping off others mistakes can teach you a lot. Maybe more than putting them on if you pay attention. Most roofs that fail quickly are installer mistakes, unless its an infamous manufacturer flaw like iko shingles. you can build a house like the winchester mansion and it shouldnt leak is my opinion. Leaks are from incompetence from somewhere. Find the incompetence, and thats the source of your leak. Its probably the roofer. In old houses, the incompetence may even lie on dead people. No codes then. Understandable.

Thanks for all the advice. 1rst contractor is coming tom morning for an estimate. I will post up what he says

What did her or she say? Enquiring minds want to know.

the leak may be comin in from up the valley and runnin down to the wall.


He said that the rain was running down the alley and hitting the corner trim causing it to splash up over the flashing.

To fix it he took the siding and cut it at a diaganal line to the corner trim then cut about 6 inches from the bottom so that when the rain runs down it doesnt hit anything but the flashing and then runs down and off. He also extended the flashing from about 4 inches high to about 10 inches high and re cemented all the shingles around the gulley as well as re caulked everything. Overall I was pretty satisfied with the repair…cost was 300 even.

THanks all for the advice