Leaking soffit during the Spring

Now that Spring has arrived, I have noticed water leaking from the soffits above the South side bay window. The insulation is spray foam in that part of our house and was part of a renovation/add-on. The original contractor had installed the roof/wall step flashing ABOVE the shingles but I had that corrected. However, the house wrap remains installed BEHIND the flashing -also from the original work. I am trying to understand why there is water, in many places, dripping from the soffit - see attached picture. One guess is that the spray foam insulation has a defect (known as a “chimney”?) whereby the foam was improperly applied and moisture escapes and condenses over the Winter only to melt and drip out during the Spring (that actually was the case on the North side bay window). Or does the water source originate at the roof/wall junction? Without de-constructing the roof and walls How can I test for the source?I live in northern Canada - picture is from March 30.

Are there gutters attached? Could be they were clogged a bit, they filled up, overflowed and the water froze inside the soffit.

No gutters. The melting snow should just drip off the edge. The step flash at the roof/wall junction may not be lapped properly. It was just installed under new shingles as the repair. I will need to contact the repair contractor.

The first place I would check is along the gutter line.Water is traveling behind the gutter.Could be a couple things.

1.Drip edge is caught behind the gutter.
2.Inadequate shingle overhang
3.Improper offset of the starter strip creating a seam that allows the water to travel behind the drip edge and fascia onto the soffit.
4.The gutter is too low allowing the water access to the back of the gutter.
5.The drip edge is to short not covering the back of the gutter that’s flush with the fascia.

Maybe a few more technical aspects but unfortunately that is all I have time for.Hope it helps.

The soffit was removed and the leak was found. My renovation has spray foam insulation which also acts as the vapour barrier. Looks like a gap was created when the spray foam was applied so we had a leak. In the Winter (we’re in the NWT, Canada - very cold) moisture would condense in the cavity above the soffit. When the Spring arrived the Winter build up of frost would leak out through the soffit. The issue was not noticed in Summer because the moisture would simply dissipate. Probably not a very common issue but I had the same thing happen on the other side of the renovation. It seems to be a tight spot to apply the spray foam.
Thanks for the reply