Leaks with elk grande

We have a newly completed home with Elk Grande shingles. Different roofing companies have been chasing leaks for us on multiple occasions. The most recent opinion suggests installation error. Grande has folded fiberglass like interply or headply in its bundles. It seems we have may have some damaged interply, interply cut during install, and/or interply failing from uv exposure (roof about 20 months old). Does anyone know of or had any problems with this type of shingle, specifically related to material or labor issues from problems with the special Grande interply? Please help.

Probabaly not what you want to hear but I have only seen 2 of these roofs doneā€¦one was a 20k dollar nightmare from instalation not being correct. The other was a 18k masterpiece.

Its not a shingle for any joe wanna be roofer.

Your local Elk rep should have a quality contractor in your area that can look and see whats wrong with your roof.

Your not in the Indy area are you?


I do not see how the interply could have failed from UV expouser.

The sun never hits it.

try to post pics.

we like pics,tells the story better