Leaky Roof

Hi Guys,

First post here; I need your help. Attached are pictures which make me think that my roof is starting to leak. It’s a 12-year old 2-story house, with cement-tile roofing. Pictures were taken on early stages of rain. I cannot physically climb on top of my roof to take a look. Please help and comment. Thanks.


Where are you from?

There is a valley there. It could be a lot of things. Were there any service men on the roof lately? Example - satillite dish installer.

Your roof went for twelve years with no problems. The workmanship and tile is not the problem. Bad installation would have showed up sooner.

A ball thrown on the roof and cracked a tile may be all it is.

My guess is a broken or missing tile in the valley area. You defiently need someone to get up there and take a closer look before more serious damage occurs.

That is a bathroom window, so there are some jacks up there too.

I lived in Hawaii for a while, and whenever it was raining and someone was in the bathroom the damper for the exhaust fan would open and the rain would bounce off the roof and jump into the vent tube. I had to extend the pipe about 12" off the roof deck to solve it.

Not that that is your problem, the picture just reminded me of that situation. :slight_smile:

or you go go out and get a bulldozer - bulldoze the house - eliminate the problem - and then build the house of your dreams. !! Problem found - diagnosed - resolved - no more leak or any ?'s regarding where the leak is coming form.

gee whiz Timothy, that is a bit excessive. Maybe the cap blew off the pipe or something to make it leak all the sudden. Somebody has to get up there and look.

i think lefty is right,but you need actual roof pictures,or someone to look at it :wink:

well pamploner… whats it gonna be? The suspense is killing me.

Thanks for all your input. The consensus appears to be there’s something wrong around the valley area. I will probably need to hire somebody to go up there and actually look. Also, there is no sign of leak inside the house (not yet, anyway).

Now, this is probably a stupid question but I will ask it anyway. How can I protect myself from some contractor that will say “you need this, you need that and it will cost you thousands” when in reality all I really need is a simple fix costing hundreds? It is hard to argue with an “expert”. I’ve already ask friends around for a “trusted” roofer but no luck.

One more question: do you usually pay for “please come and look and give me an estimate” service?

BTW: I live in Northern California.

Thanks again.

pamploner, you also need to protect yourself from the contractor that says it will only cost a few hundred bucks when you really need alot more.

get a couple of opinions with estimates on how to fix it. Odds are two or more of them will agree and be close in scope and price. Then choose the one that you like. There are no guarantees in life, only choices.