Legal vs. Illegal

What about white people killing illegals and all they get is 5 years in jail…and what happens if a illegal kills n american (((((letal injection))))) is this justice… but why do we have to talk about this in this site, what we are here is to talk about roofing techniques and trade information about how to become better in this industry… and if you get this question of why am i in the side of the illegals, because i was one of them and i remember a few times when by mistake i end up talking with a Border patrol agent and instead of getting me back to my country he told me to stay in school and try to become legal, and thanks to him am still here cuz he was one of those guys that actually belive in doing his work… meaning protecting the borders not doing the city police duty… …but i will stay away from this comments but lets hope the Arizona law doesnt turn to a nazi law


You speak of liberty and justice, but where is the justice when some one breaks the law to come here.[/quote]

I’ve heard a lot of people referring to this or that as Nazi… but how many people crossed the border in the late 1930’s to try to steal a German job?

If I understand correctly, LEGAL immigrants must carry documentation at all times. I guess if you don’t want to carry documentation, just be an illegal.

Then you don’t have to. :mrgreen:

But seriously, doesn’t it seem a bit over-the-top to draw a parallel with asking for ID and National Socialism in the 1930’s? Surely you understand there is a connotation to that nasty business of death camps and incinerators.
Just seems a bit too far a comparison for anybody to wonder why people get all pissed off.

Don’t eat sausage and sauer kraut! Look what it did to the Germans!

So you broke the law to get here and then some how became “legal”. Now you want to tell all the citizens of this country how they should let border jumpers just do what ever they please. And when a state has finally had enough of the illegals over-running their system and they are going to do something about it now you call them “nazis”.

We should fence in the border and start shooting people that try to to climb the fence. Protect our borders.

I believe everyone has been affected in one way or another on this issue, if not, your fooling yourself. The market of Oklahoma has seen a flock of this within the last two years. However, when things change, you must change with or prepare to be left behind. I know that their pricing is quite hard to compete with but it can be done. I have noticed a lot of people(even the rich) are removing the contractor out the the equation and going straight to the sub-contractor. Yet, most people still are skeptical on operating with someone who has no registered business. So I believe if you are affected by this, then change your approach to the business and this shall surely pass. Best of luck to everyone this season.

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Abel…You dont have a clue!
What happened to friscoe IS common.If you lived in Kalifornia youd understand.I just hope Arizona doesnt give in to the crybabies and stands their ground.This ILLEGAL immigrant issue has been way out of hand for a LONG friggin time!-Ray, one of the LAST American roofers!!!

Am ok about the laws but let the government do what they need todo not us…our part is to make sure we support their laws and help them pass and reject them too. But the latino comunity will always help each other and yes the best way will be to put a fence on the borders but use the american people to doit not hire a contractor that is going to use illegals to doit…This is my country and i will do what it takes to defend this country i did my time and know my brother is doing his,…about advantx roofing…indid prices are going crazy here in oklahoma to be more exact i bid a 95 square re-deck, Capstone shingle for 45,000 12\12 and a master elite got the job for 31,000 using all gaf materials and according to this company they dont use illegals to do their work…use ur numbers…thanks to god am bussy got one crew and i can keep it bussy all week long…time for me to go bid a hotel wish me luck, never mind this customer is in my list with other hotel i did for him…

That’s true I’ve been roofing for 9 years straight pushing a decade and make 22 dollars an hour doing commercial roofs

I make to much for food stamps even though I have to watch my 6 kids eat with out me cause I don’t have enough money

I would rather get paid cash and say I don’t have a job it’s to hard

I think it’s called a 10-99 form
So that there responsible to pay there own tax + keeps it on the book