Leister Uniroof generator size

Anyone use a leister uniroof 220 with a honda 5000 watt generator. Uniroof says 3450 watt. The honda says 6500 start up power and 5000 continuous. Also, I have an electrician buddy making me an extension cord 100 feet long, most cords for heat welders are 10/3, should it be upgraded to an 8/3 or go with a 50 foot 10/3. I don’t want to burn up the leister.

A 100’ 10/3 extension cord will be adequate, 50’ 12/3 and only run 1 welder off of a 5000 watt gen.

Don’t plug extension cords into one another.


Thanks. I have a 100 foot 10/3 my electrician made and was planning on only using one welder. I also have 2 handhelds that I run off 2 smaller Honda’s. This is my first 240v leister and I definitely don’t want to burn it up. I had the generator already and didn’t want to buy another one. We do some commercial roofs, usually one good size one a year but most of our work is residential.

You should be running a 7.5-10k generator for a robot… Youll need it for a good weld consistency. Buy a spider box. It will be worth the money spent.

We had a problem running most store bought generators as there is a problem with the voltage or amps not matching exactly and it can burn up the circuit board over time. Takes a couple years but it can happen. Ordered a new generator from the company we buy the robots from.

What size generator vs robot were you using?

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8000 running watts on varimat 2. The problem wasn’t the watts but the amps or resistance, can’t remember which.