Length of Hips In Xactimate?!

I can’t seen to find an easy way to find the total amount of hip shingles (lf) for the roof in Xactimate.

My workaround is to “Complete” the estimate and then view the report. I can then see the amount of hips on the roof. Then, I close out the viewing and re open the estimate by hitting “…in progress.”

There must be an easier way.


If you have drawn the roof in sketch, you can simply select the line item for composition ridge shingles and use “HIP+R” in the Calc (quantity) area of the estimate.

Good luck

Thats the tip I was looking for…Thanks!

Is there a list of tips or shortcuts likes that hiding somewhere in the program or on this site?

If you use the sketch tool, there are numerous variables you can plug into the line item estimating area. Put in SQ and you get the total squares of the roof. V or VAL for total valley length. F3SQ would give you the total squares area for slope F3. So if part of the roof is 10:12, you can get the steep> by adding the appropriate slopes together. Example F1SQ + F2SQ etc…

P = Perimeter which is often useful for determining drip edge.

Same is true for interior. C = ceiling area, W = Walls

Start looking through it, fairly easy to figure out.