Lets have some fun

You guys seem to be interested in those slate jobs, so lets have some fun with a shingle job that I have to go back an reinspect when I get back from vacation the week after next. See if you can spot the obvious deficiencies!




Unfortunately, this is a project where my only participation is I get to do 3, and only 3, inspections. I did the first two already, and this time around I get to do a final and generate a final punch-list. I will not be back to ensure the corrective work gets done. I’ve already been told the soil stacks can not be moved, and the building has passed inspection; although I don’t see how.

If nothing else, I look at this type of work as job security. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like typical new construction pratices.

Maybe next time the Contractor will hire a real roofer…hahaha thats a funny one…Im sure theres another jackleg willing to jump in.

ooowww i finally saw whats wrong with this roof …!!!

there is a nail laying there … dam guys did not do a good clean up !!!

i love it, the 3 power vents on one side of the roof and nothing on the other from what i can see. Love the placement of the stinkstacks.