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Got a PM & thought I’d share this with the crowd @ large.

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[quote=“Roofing Customer Who Sent A PM”]Hi,

New to the forum. In Your Town, TX and you seem honest and knowledgeable. State Farm just came out and gave me a the following:

RCV $15,458.43
Deprecitation $3,458.43
Deductible $3,515.00
Net Actual Cash Value payment $8080.74
Max additional amount available if incurred $4437.48

Am I correct in assuming that a reputable roofer will look at my roof and be able to do the job w/ quality materials for $15,458.43 and I will be out of pocket $3515 for the deductible? Very confusing. Thanks, Roofing Customer


If ANY roofer were to do the job & not charge you the deductible amount of $3,515.00 (assuming that dollar figure was ONLY for the roof & not other components), & then send the insurance co. an invoice that stated they DID in fact charge you that amount, this is insurance fraud.

On the other hand (OTOH), if they did not charge you the full deductible amount of 3,515.00 & sent the correct invoice showing, say 3,000 paid by you, then insurance would then take the final payment due of 3,458.43 & instead back it off by 500.00, or a final payment to you of $ 2,958.43 (& technically, that amount is due to the contractor).

OTOH part II, if the contractor charged you appropriately & you did pay your full & legally required deductible, then something I often do is offer upgrades in quality or design. Plus, I am often able to get insurance co’s to pony up additional money. For instance, if you were inspected & adjusted in April, we’re now on May’s pricing schedule & with that kind of roof price, I can usually find around $ 750.00 in price changes that they owe you (& by default, me). That upgrade in pricing with insurance dollars would probably move you into a 40 year shingle vs. a 30 year, or maybe a metal roof detail somewhere vs. only shingles.

Feel free to call me if you have questions & my website is a decent resource (although it’s mostly a good advertisement… however I do have photos of me with customers on completed projects).

If you’d like, I can provide you with a reference list that’s 200+ & chances are, someone I have already done a roof project for (whether a repair or total re-roofing) is going to be in your area.


Mark P. Schram
Ranch Hand Roofing


I have a home owner that may need your services on www.DIYchatroom.com for an insurance job in Texas.

I don’t know which part, but I mentioned your company name if you want to check it out.

They only received enough after deductible and depreciation to consider a re-roof, but I advised them that you could review the scope and probably do better.

Photo of the house is included in the thread. Lots of wind damage that has been patched with a different color shingle.

Do you need the link?

I just posted on it yesterday, so you could look at my profile and seek out the correct post real easy.