Liberty mutual


Have any of you dealt with Liberty Mutual? If so what was your experience.


I have had a good experience with Liberty.I feel they pay well.Always try for more though.It was a little bit of a pain faxing multiple states information the adjuster should have.(FL,TX,MO)He was a bonehead.

The jobsite was walked rather than a roof top inspection.He missed the layers by 2 resulting in a redeck.He made the number 1 mistake of assuming that since the front porch was 1 layer the rest should be too.

They made up for it nicely.I feel they are fair.But that was my experience.


Liberty Mutual is one of the best insurance companies to deal with in my area.  Have had a couple problems at the adjuster level.  However was taken care of by the managers or back office staff.

Not one of the best, not the worst either. Dealt with them in two states. As is usually the case, depends a lot on the Adjuster you draw. They do use Xactimate.