Lifetime warrantys

Well we have started givng lifetime warrantys on all our work , if you have a problem – We kill you

“an offer you cant refuse”, right ? :o

Why wouldn’t you? Installation issues show up right away.

I started warranting my labor for the same amount of time for the shingle warranty that is chosen.


actually i was at a local home show today & this one company is now offering double lifetime warrantys . Where & when does this nonsense end ? Our written warranty was always 5 years , then we uped it to 10 because these guys who had been in business for one week were giving ten year warrantys , so everyone was doing the same , so we did too. Now its lifetime & apparently thats not enough so its double lifetime , what a joke.
Hell , do good work , if ya screwed up fix it , but im not promising to come back from the dead to fix some 100 year warranty some ones going to offer soon lol.

[quote=“oldman_roofer”]Now its lifetime & apparently thats not enough so its double lifetime , what a joke. quote]

Its obviously a sales tactic that is working.You could put 500 years on your work when you sign the contract but standing behind it is the real issue.The contractors that start out with this are just trying to get a foot in the door.But it will come at a price.

When you start a business the concept is IMO to be conservative and limit any liabilites.When I first started out I started small.I built a relationship with my crews.It takes time to become comfortable and develop trust with your workers.

I think these guys that start out and throw some crews together without a complete trust and knowledge of who’s workmanship your company is offering a double or even a single lifetime could be disasterous.[/quote]

i told a gaf rep they need to come out with a FOREVER warranty after all the shingle cos match thier new lifetime warranty … he didnt see the humor in it.

Iam still tring to figure on who’s life they are basing the warranty on. Me, the Owner, the Owners Dog,Cat. Ect. Its all a gimick they know the majority of the homeowners will be out of their house in about 5 years. To make it interesting it should be based on the lifetime of the house or structure no matter who is the owner after the roof is installed. :wink:

personaly i dont even bring up this “lifetime warranty”…dont want to look like a IDIOT!!..usually when i explain it they look at me like :shock: this little smilie…

:badgrin:look guys let them give all the warrentys they want .Each state has a limit in wich someone came clame a warrenty in new your its only 18 yrs that they can try to take you to court or anything and if they go out of business then want .Don’t loose sleep over it

I just don’t see why you wouldn’t want to do it. Installation issues show up nearly right away. Just like the shingle companies, your warranty contract should get you out of nearly all problems that could arise. As I said, I cover our installation for as long as the shingle company covers their material warranty.

I know my guys install the job just as how I would do it. I am lucky in that.

Why you wouldn’t want to do it? Because down the road, it is inevitable that “shit happens”. Do you clearly define what is workmanship issues and what isn’t in your contract? What happens when 11 years down the road, you get an unusual and massive ice storm causing ice dams and leaks? While to most of us, it is clear this isn’t covered by the workmanship warranty, you’ll still get calls. How can you deny the problem isn’t workmanship until you at least go out and inspect the roof? Isn’t there a cost to making that trip? So you tell the Homeowner that you know it is the result of an ice dam, you explain how that isn’t covered by a workmanship warranty, blah, blah, blah. And the Homeowner doesn’t listen, threatens to call the BBB, threatens legal action, etc… No matter how it turns out, you have invested time and emotional energy and you end up with an unhappy Customer who will at least tell a few people what a bad company you are.

I honestly don’t know what the big deal is. Really. We offer a 5 year workmanship warranty. I’ve yet to have anyone haggle over this and requesting longer. I’m sure it will happen eventually. My point is, the frequency and overall impact to our business is a non event.

Here’s my opinion for whatever it is worth. If you are experiencing this issue often, it is likely you are missing the boat on other key issues you aren’t selling properly. The warranty can turn out to be a major issue if you are failing to make your points on the more important issues where you should hopefully offer a huge advantage. Just consider this. Say you’ve been in business for 10 years plus and have a very positive reputation in your area. Lots of references. The guy who just started in the roofing business 3 months ago is offering a “lifetime warranty”. Just think about it. Do you think a lifetime warranty is more important coming from an unestablished company that hasn’t even proven they can even survive for a year than doing business with a proven, reputable company like your own? What are the statistics? More than 50% of new businesses don’t survive 2 years. So this Homeowner is facing a coin flip that the company offering the lifetime warranty will even be around in 2 years. Who will honor that lifetime warranty when they’ve closed the doors?

The only other comment I’d make it if you’re going to fall into this warranty trap, you better make certain you have a clear and detailed warranty statement written out that you provide the Homeowner. Failure to do so will most certainly come back to haunt you down the road.

But again and most importantly, focus your sales efforts towards your strengths and the important things your company will win on. Close the deal on those aspects. If you find yourself fighting for a sale over obscure and unimportant points, it is likely you’ve already lost one way or the other.

Authentic - I would post the warranty versions of my contract, but I don’t need lurkers around here to copy and see it. I will send you a P.M.

I am more than covered and personally, I don’t even mention it until the very end.

All I say is that I know the materials will fail before we have an installation issue.

BamBamm, my post wasn’t directed at you. From what I’ve seen from your posts here, I seriously doubt this is a serious issue, or an issue at all, for you.

Why not give lifetime warranty’s like the manufacturers do, They have figured out that the average homeowner moves after 7 years and that’s all they have to worry about. Go with the flow they have multi-million dollar lawyers that figure this out for them. Let’s roll with it.

Ive upped mine form 5 to 10 years after Authentic Dad’s advice, and homeowners seem to like it…thanks Dad

I am a certified GAF installer in Massachusetts, and they back my labor for 10 years, whole roof, labor and materials (everything except flashing, drip-edge and nails), people seem to enjoy the extra peace of mind that comes with the warranty. It cost me an extra 100. per installation, but as a business owner I look at it as extra insurance I also build it into the price. It seems my close rate has gone up!