Lifting shingles on 1 year old roof

I live in Florida so it’s been 80 degrees or more and have shingles lifting. Please tell me what you see in the pictures. I have soffit along the back of the house vents in the front

Looks like a very high definition shingle
That is showing its shadow for one hour or so a day.
Which brand of shingles did you use?

Viewing laminated shingles from that angle is always disappointing as it accentuates the random layered aspect of the product as well as the unevenness of the underlying roof deck. Are you assuming the shingles are lifting or have you verified the sealing strips are not adhering? In any case, scale the roof, if possible, and lightly tug on the bottom edge of random shingles to see if the shingles are indeed sealed (glued) together. If they are not, then your concern deserves greater attention. If they are sealed, you should then be resolved to understand laminated shingles simply don’t look great from that angle.

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Landmark pro. Thanks for responding. It’s noticeable the entire day and wasn’t the first 8 months

Landmark pro. 130 mph

Sometimes we don’t notice things until we do and then we fixate on the issue. Much like getting an earworm with music. As mentioned, check and see if they are sealed down.

I’ll get up there today.

They came out and fixed this spot a few days after the install. Now it’s back. Thanks for all the info I just want to know what I’m looking at when the owner comes back this we’d to inspect

Is this a modular? If so, there are hinged eaves and the ridge is installed onsite. That’s done for clearance while the sections are driven to the site. They splice them in with sheet metal and they used to use wide crown staples which loosen up on the road. We always pulled the sheet metal and bridged the void with aluminum.

Sheets of shingles nailed to the roof. Hope that answers your question.

Never heard of shingles in sheets…

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