how much importance do roofers put towards applying control lines for shingling? whether they be 3 tab, laminated or otherwise? i myself believe preperation and the time it takes to do everything as close to perfect as possible is always worth it. i’m more impressed with how straight and precise things are, instead of how fast a guy can shingle. any feedback from the Pros?

So am I. That is why I usually pay by the hour versus by the square and do not subcontract out the work.

I would rather have it done the Right Way, the first time, than to have to even go back and re-do one job anytime.

Last December, I made the crew tear-off a section to the right of a dormer, because the courses did not come out right, without being told anything by the home owner. It’s just the way I view things, even though the customer was probably more concerned about the oncoming snow last year, (2006), it was the right thing to do and it taught a lesson to the crew about not paying attention or somebody saying something about it before it got too far along.


I’ve nailed shingles for years and years. Small decks I might use a starter line, maybe finger gauge the first course. Big decks I always used 20in lines, I find you end up being faster in the long run and at the same time have a better product. Sure, I can nail without lines but sometimes the framing is out of square or something and it’s hard to compensate correctly. If more than 1 man is working the same area you should always use lines because everyone sights the shingles a little different and that 16th of an inch will begin to tell before long.

What was the question again?

question about lines…
is the line that you use to snap chalklines using GTAPE called a G_string?

We always snap lines, every 4th shingle usually.
It makes it much easier for tie-ins.

And everything Tar Monkey said too.

yes ofcourse. Lines have to be perfect when working with the top home builders in the country. I only do new construction so its basically paramount.
But i seen some ugly roofing being passed.
Which makes me mad im spending all this time making mine perfect when we have these really fast nailers nailing so high not even on the double lamenent.
And there making the same as me.
I guess the standards in my city are low.
But i never have to be called back which is good.
Ive learned not to care what the competition does and just do what i do even if my awsome work goes un noticed.

i always pop a line for every other shingle. keeps all the wanna be jack legs in check. comes out nice n straight too.

It gets noticed by the people that matter.


It gets noticed by the people that matter.[/quote]


That is the reason I had my crew tear-off that one section on the house I mentioned earlier.

The home owner would not have ever noticed from the ground, but I did, and that is what mattered.


only on big decks do i need lines.
most 25 to 30 sq houses i dont need lines.

i put my underlaymnent on strait then use it
to keep shingles strait.