Lining up OSB on rafters

I’m doing a full tear off of my roof. The orignal deck surface was for cedar shingles. It has 1"x4"s (skips) spaced about 3 1/2" apart over the entire roof. My home was build in 1943 and the rafters are about 16" o.c. I’ve checked a few spots and they are not always 16" o.c. Is it worth the time and effort to line up osb edges on the rafters or is it okay to line up as close as possible and where it doesn’t line up with the rafter just nail it to the skips(1"x4"s). Also I live in Spokane, Washington so no hurricanes or tornados and about 16-18" rain a years.

Make sure you hit the rafters, if you don’t you could get nail pops and lifted sheeting.

Along with what axiom said, use ring shank nails only!

also when you start off your first sheet,
let it barely reach the last rafter in question(quarter inch instead of a normal almost 3/4 inch)
That way you have more wiggle room as you go across the roof.

Make sure you leave a small space between all sheets.

I would make sure that the plywood is no less than a half of an inch onto the rafter/truss, at the end of your full sheet. Nailing will be difficult if you only catch it by a quarter inch. Well at least for someone who is asking these questions in the first place. I would have my plywood land dead center on the rafter.
Good luck to you

Thats the most common reroof we do around here.Like the guys said, land on a rafter.As you go up the roof The sheats must land on sheating boards too(horizontally).If it lands between boards, either pull down the above sheathing board, or better yet, use some cheap 1x3’s to fill. Last, gap the edges about 1/8 of an inch.Have fun and good luck-ray