Liquid flow roofing material like Elastahyde 720 WHIT

Does anyone have experience with liquid flow roofing. How good is it and does it last?

Not familiar with that specific product, but I just pulled up a data sheet on it. It appears to be a fairly generic acrylic based coating. Nothing particularly impressive I can see- fairly low to average solids content. It’s probably a typical 7-10 year product depending on what it’s being applied over.

Thanks! I appreciate your response.

Also not familiar with that product. Looked it up and says it is good for Ponding water which I have never seen an acrylic product advertised for.

With any coating acrylic, silicon, ECT, the lifespan all depends on what you are putting it over. Whatever product you are looking to use give the local rep a call before purchasing it. In my experience, the supplier will be more than willing to put you in contact with there contact. Every product is different and it is really a important to choose the correct one and do the proper prep or it can be a total waste of money. Coatings are a big growing market and I have found the different product reps more than willing to help with there products.

Thanks, again. We bought this house two months ago knowing that we would have to do something soon with the roof. The current roof is a flat roof with tar and gravel and I figure is at least 20 to 25 years old. The house was built in 1954. The following is the scope of work that the roofer has proposed. It seems reasonable to me but I know very little about roofing.

Scope of Work
• Remove all gravel and spud the roof surface.
• Perform any field repair needed with torch down rolled roofing.
• Thoroughly clean all the roofs surfaces of loose dust and debris.
• Penetrations: 3 course with acrylic mastic and reinforcement fabric.
• Base flashings parapet walls
o Seal any separation between the drip edge and roofing membrane with 800
mastic and 6” polyester fabric.
• Field Blisters and low spots.
o Install celotex at the white x’s to raise areas of ponding water. Secure with
screws and plates and cover with 75# base sheet.
• Field of Roof
o Apply 1 coat of asphalt emulsion and immediately embed polyester fabric into the
emulsion at a coverage rate of 6gal/100sf.
o Apply two top coats of ElastaHyde 720 at a coverage rate of 1.5 gal per coat, per
100 sq. ft. for finished surface in the color WHITE.
• Misc. Details:
o Apply 800 mastic and polyester fabric around skylight curbs, vents, etc.
o Clean up entire area and legally dispose all construction debris.

Thanks for any and all comments.

Personally if the roof is in serviceable condition, and they are planning to add torch down to repair places I would just torch a layor over the entire roof rather than relying on a coating product. Imo coatings are best utilized to extend the service life of a good roof, not to fix a failing one.