I have had a roofing subcontracting company for 2 years now. I would like to get my home improvement lisence. Problem, I’m the wife and have never been on the roof. My husband who runs the crews and checks the work is latino (legal resident) does not read English well enough to take the test. What are our options?

Sorry I spelled license wrong. Don’t know what I was thinking.

the State should accomodate you for spanish. Did you ask?
or You can hire an RME ( responsible managing employee) to qualify your company to do the work. Anyone in your company that has the prerequisites to become a contractor ( and can read) could be the qualifying individual. You will need to start another company though or he will by default become a partner ( i think).
And if he leaves you will only have 90 days to find another qualifier or you will lose your license in that category.

they should have the test in spanish

The main reason we want the license is to have a listing in the yellow pages and to advertise. We have a Maryland business license for new construction but I don’t know if that is enough.

check with the state . I dont know what is required in maryland. The dept of consumer affairs handles licensing in most states.