Listing my co.?

I was wondering how do I list my company so people can find it on your “locate a roofer” page?

I must admit that I was a bit disapointed when I put in my zip code and I didn’t come up. Most of the people that came up and you could see the map were in residential neighborhoods. This tells me that they are working out of their kitchens. I haven’t even heard of most of them.

There is a link at that page to add your own. Hope that helps have a great day! Click link below to add your company.

About your comment concerning the roofing companies being run out of their kitchens, does that also include roofing companies being run out of an office at their house…not out of the kitchen?

Are you better because your in an OFFICE…LOL!!!

I like to keep my overhead as low as I can humanly can. That is why I am sitting in my little office stuck in my living room because with my computer, fax machine and printer alongside my cable telephone and cell phone I can not only run my business from here at home but I can run it anywhere. We also use a laptop computer when in the field. Constant communication from anywhere to everywhere so we at our firm are not limited to the old fashioned office suite.