Loading roof with weights while waiting for tile

Hello everyone I have a question for you,

In Arizona the lead time for tile has been anywhere between 6 to 18 weeks depending on the type. We have several roofs that need to be weighed down while construction continues but because we have to wait so long it pretty much stops production.

The universal answer has been sandbags but the cost of loading and the sandbags and unloading turned out to be pretty high and I was wondering if anyone else had experience with loading alternative materials on a roof. Trying to get an out-of-box kind of perspective on it.

Any help or suggestions or ideas would be great!

Why do you weigh down a roof? Never heard of this before.

Has to do with how the framing settles so you can put things in like windows and drywall without adding weight after the fact and changing the dimensions.

Spike the roof and place cinder blocks. You can reuse them on other projects or resell them when you’re done? They weigh 38 lbs each and stack easily on a pallet. Won’t get around the loading issue no matter what.

Just my humble opinion
But its Absolutely ridiculous to preload and unload the structure.
A window frame area has no load bearing weight.
I wouldnt let this hinder me from installing windows and drywall.

The only thing i might resist for later would be the drywall finishing on the corners and the wall to ceiling corners.

Get those windows in so you can finish the siding.
Drywall, window area, siding…all this strengthens the whole area.

I’d like to know more information.
What is exactly failing on your projects
And the reasons that the tradesman are giving you?

I can tell you with confidence that preloading 10 tons of material on the roof and unloading it before the real material gets there is the wrong answer.


Roof lover is correct. The tape and texture is the only thing that should have to wait for the load. I would love to see pictures of a pre loaded roof though!

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