Long control lines

What is the best way to snap long control lines? Is seems like I do not get accurate lines by running the entire distance. Should I just split the distance and snap two lines?

Gravity will make the line sag over a long distance, 30’ or more roughly.
So just break it up into 2 or 3 segments and snap them.
Or, pull it really tight and have someone hold it down in the middle.
Pull it so tight the guy on the other end feels like it is going to cut his finger off. :smiley:

i usually strick out my lines with three folk one at either end of the roof and one person in the middle ,the roof is marked where each person is

just wanted to add that you should NEVER snap the line in the middle without having a finger on it because it will bow everytime , instead have your guy that is going to snap the line be 1/3 the distance of the line from the end so the line doesn’t bow when he snaps it , also you can get a few lines out of each chalking by picking the line up a little higher each time you snap it (but never more than 5 lines before rechalking)

On a long deck make a set of marks up each side. Then make on set of marks straight up the middle. Monkey in the middle. Middleman puts finger to hold line on mark and snaps line on either side. If it’s just you drive a roofing nail halfway into each mark going up the sides so you can wind your chaulk line on them and work the middle.

Only pop long runs in sections as a last resort as it can and will promote “dog legging”. Meaning crooked lines. One long line is better. ALways pull line straight off deck and snap, do not pull at angle or it will pop that way.