Looking 4 side jobs in n.e. ohio area

experienced roofing crew looking for side jobs in n.e. ohio area.decades of experience ,safe, efficient, clean, and workmanship guarenteed for 10 years. on average charge 140$-180$ per square for complete tear-off and reroof. also do overlays {obviously cheaper}, repairs, and general maintnance.

bigmike in medina ohio 216-355-0328

do you have workmens comp.?

Come on with those prices i doubt it highly. If he does than many alive things are getting cheaper by the day. You figure about 70 dollars for materials then labor, dump, profit (what is that), At 140 you make no money.

Perhaps those are labor prices.

I assure you he is buying the material at that price. In a way I’m glad he does it. I will never work that cheap by him working that cheap I don’t have to. I get calls from sub crews wanting to work on my steep 2 stories tearing off 2 layers for $65.00 a square. I always ask them how much you charge? When they tell me that I tell them I won’t put them on my customers roofs if that’s all the money they want. At that price all they care about is the little bit of money they’re making. When I started my business I had decision to make which was I am going to be the discount roofer in town or the best roofer in town. I chose to be the best. To be the best I can’t give discount prices.

I don’t know of anyone in this area paying $180/sq to a sub. For the most part subs around here make in the range of $100/square. Material costs are ballpark $90/square. So he is making a lateral move.