Looking for a 4 tab shingle(looks like 3 tab, only with 4)

I have a client that is looking to do some repair to an existing roof. The shingle he brought to me had 4 tabs and looked very much like a standard 3 tab. According to him it is about ten years old. I have called multiple vendors and asked lots of other people but no one has a clue as to the manufacturer. Any help would be appreciated.


There not caps are they?

certainteed hattera??

That wuz me other choice…

hatteras sorry “s” @ the end

GAF Capstone?

edit: nevermind. those have 5

Certainteed Hatteras.Heard they stopped making them.hope not, I need 8 squares for a detached garage.Good luck-Ray

yea. good lookin shingles


To my knowledge, there are no 4 tab shingles manufactured at this point and haven’t been for several years. We have had a lot of success getting 4 tab shingled roofs approved for full insurance replacement for this very reason. They will typically even agree to replace with either a 25 year heavy weight 3 tab or 30 year dimensional.

Thanks, for that info on the insurance I’ll pass it on to the building manager. Do you remember the manufactuer by any chance?

As to the Hatteras Shingles are not the same, they are 4 tab but are made to look like a slate roof do the tabs are to long.

Still looking for a manufacturter


GAF Slateline? I dont remember how many tabs on them… 4 or five? Ill look it up…

How about this one?

summitroofing.com/Select_You … stead.html

Aaron that might be the one. I’ll have to see if I can get a sample. Rock on. thanks

I have a house with 4 tab Shingles that were manufactured by CertainTeed. But I certainly can’t find out where to get them!

They stopped making those a while ago.

Might be Hatteras. Axiom correct. They weren’t very popular and a real pain to repair.

Hatteras was a premium shingle. C-teed made one with shadow lines on them, as for a squared off 4 tab I’ve never seen them.

If they aren’t available my insurance company said they might have to replace my entire roof. I’m okay with that! Fingers crossed!