Looking for a calender program

I need something where I can set up annual events with either an alarm of some sort and/or an e-mail reminder. We have about 15 trucks and it’s a pain trying to keep track of all the individual inspection and registration renewals.

You can do all of that in Outlook. In tasks and Calendar there is a recurring event button you can use.

or… you can use google calander and have accest to it from any internet connection. = ) it’s free btw.

or you can do it like i do and always forget :frowning:

Yeah Marshall, they have no system right now and I’m putting an end to that. We’ve lost trucks for 1-3 days before because the exp date isn’t caught until it’s past due and then you need the truck emptied of tools, etc. and dropped at the inspection place or a human body to go sit at the DMV all day. With proper notice the registration can be renewed online and the inspection can be scheduled at your convienence. Last minute unorganized crap is for the birds, heh.

15 trucks. Goverment lease backs eh.