Looking for a few good men

I am looking for a few good subs that are either GAF certified or Certainteed certified for the Tri State area (Delaware,PA,NJ,Maryland)


You will probably have better luck posting an ad like this on craigslist.

Best of luck

If your a facebooker try posting on ;



Roof Master - is he suppose to post on the youtube video too? :mrgreen:

Nahh,just making it worth looking at this thread. :badgrin:

So I find this posting very interesting, and here is why. Last year around memorial Day, I posted an ad about hiring roofers. It was promptly taken down and by PM’s I got an official warning saying posting of ads was not permitted.

Yet since that day I have seen numerous other people posting that they are hiring, and the ads stay up.

I even PMed the Moderator to ask about these ads and never got a single reply. I know people don’t like me, but sheesh!

So by the way, I am hiring too.

By the way, not that I care, but you may consider changing the title of this thread. You don’t want a law suit by some feminist roofer looking for work saying she is being discriminated against.

Good point Grumpy.

I’m looking for roofers also. Erie,PA

Don’t call. Answering service charges me. lol

Email : brinkskangaroof@yahoo.com

I’d love to have 2 or 3 good guys come to work with me. W-2 or 1099 subs. Either way I’d like to bring them on now.

Gah… Nobody in the 60+ degree region need roofers? lol

If I could find me a few good or bad girls,I would really enjoy a feeder. :badgrin:

what you paying