Looking for a salesman is Saginaw Michigan area

I am looking to seriously do roofing jobs starting next spring and would possibly like the help of a roofing salesman.I have many years of experience roofing and also construction and I have a residential builders license.I have a fulltime job not related to the roofing/constustion industry but have a massive amount of vacation time built up over the past several years.I looking for a professional such as myself and will do only professional high quality guaranteed warranty work.

Nothing personal & I don’t know you, but does the Saginaw area have a salesman that wants to work part time? What happens when the vaca runs out?

We’ve got about 2 or 3 Meechigan guys who frequent this site; let’s see what they have to add.

Nobody worth there weight will work part time. If my boss asked me that i would tell him to go away. Unless you have 26 weeks of vacation and im sure you dont i would think of another trade. The only way you will make it worth your while is to run the 8 months of the year like everyone else. Saginaw is not a high price area either. Alot of price cutting going on over there. I know i would not rely on someone vacation for me to get paid but its just a thought. Oh yea and im a salesman.

Let me help you out with how your add should read:

WANTED: 1 guy who will work real hard and get paid little (if at all) while I attempt to become a roofer contractor. I have no idea about actual roofing but I thought I would give it a try. I have some knowledge of industry and have a license. You bring the truck and a few guys and we can make lots of money. Oh yeah - I might not be there most of the time so I hope you are reliable. Thanks.

Come on - you are just going to ruin the business for all those legit contractors who do this for a living. I love to hear stories like yours where peeps who have no idea try to make it and fall flat on there face. Leave roofing to roofers. Get a clue !! Save your $$. Roofing sucks in Michigan right now. That is why I got out of it. No turn around in the near future either.
Go on vacation with your saved time and enjoy life instead of stresssing out and not knowing what to do. Thats my .02 from here in Michigan. Hope you all have a great day.

If you want to start a roofing business in Michigan go north.
Southern Michigan is very cut throat.
I think that you are going to have to start this business all by yourself, hire a salesman when you have no time for sales.