Looking for advice!

My brother and I have been talking about starting a roofing business and we have been doing nonstop research that way if we do start something we won’t be completely blind going in. We know their is still a lot we don’t know about running a business but what we do know is how to put on a roof. We both have full time jobs but do roofing jobs on the side for people. Any information on what to expect? Tips for starting out? One of our biggest concerns is having work in the winter specifically for anyone who works for us we don’t want to not be able keep guys busy with holiday months and bills to be paid. I’m open to any and all information I appreciate it!!

You have started a roofing business part time. I would stay at my current job and work my butt off after work. Once you can replace your normal job income I would go full time roofing. Don’t take any money from the part time business. Lean up your personal expenses.

Xterior - we would love to do that unfortunately we both work for railroad and are on call everyday no set schedule and spend 3-4 nights a week at hotel. And when busy only home for 10-12 hours at a time between trips. We have thought about hiring a crew to do our jobs for us and when we are home be there as well but then you have to find a crew and find someone you trust to run it.